Setting Straight the Waves: Quick Overview on Transverse Waves

If you are having a hard day at college with back-to-back lectures on waves and its properties, we can end your despair. We know assignments on transverse and longitudinal waves can be a real dampener. So here is the ultimate guide to knowing all you should on transverse wave. Read on to find definitions, examples, and points of comparison between transverse and longitudinal waves.

Transverse waves

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Transverse wave definition

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Encyclopaedia Britannica defines transverse waves as the motion in which all the points on a wave oscillate in a perpendicular angle in the direction the wave is heading. The particles of the medium oscillate around their actual positions at a right angle to the direction that the wave propagates. Seismic waves and sound waves are some common examples of transverse waves. Transverse waves rise and fall at right angles to the direction that the wave is going, forming a crest and trough pattern.

Transverse wave: types

Transverse waves
are primarily of two types. This is a simplistic take on transverse waves. The
following classification will help you understand the concept of transverse
wave much better.

Transverse waves
can be of two types: polarised waves and electromagnetic waves.

waves, light waves and thermal radiation are some examples of electromagnetic
waves. They do not require any medium to propagate. However, when they are
polarised, they can take on the motion of transverse waves. These waves have

circular hand motion and a whirlpool in bath water are two examples of
polarised waves. It is essentially a two-dimensional wave. It has the characteristics
of polarisation present. If we move our hands up and down in a line, we get
linear polarisation. Similarly, the circular motion would result in a circular
polarisation. The linear and circular motions in polarised waves can combine to
form a third kind of polarisation, called elliptical because of its shape.

Examples of transverse waves

waves, surface waves (ripples), ultraviolet waves, heat, microwave, and sound
waves in gas and liquid are some common examples of transverse waves. Check out
the following examples for a better comprehension of transverse wave examples
as well.

on guitar strings makes the energy waves travel along the body of the string.
The string takes on a perpendicular oscillation to the body of the spring as
well. Both combine to generate sound waves in the form of transverse waves.

  • Cheering wave at

common scenario at football or cricket stadiums, spectators forming a wave is
an example of transverse wave. The waves momentum flows along the direction of
parallel stadium seats. But the fascinating factor is that; it forms a crest
and trough motion as well. That being perpendicular to the direction of the
wave’s movement, forms a transverse wave.

Longitudinal wave definition

A wave motion that travels through a particular medium in the direct that the wave is going, is called a longitudinal wave. Merriam Webster defines longitudinal waves as a motion in which the particles of a medium vibrate in the direction of the propagation of the wave.

waves have areas of compression and rarefaction. When particles are close
together in regions of high pressure, they take on compression properties in
the wave. Thus, longitudinal waves are also called compressional waves. Regions
of low pressure where particles are farther apart take on rarefactional
properties in longitudinal waves.

Longitudinal wave examples

Vibrations on
glass windows, internal water waves, ultrasound waves, spring or slinky coil
oscillations, and earthquakes (P wave) are a few examples of longitudinal

Transverse vs. longitudinal waves: a comparison

The vibration of particles travels in
right angles to the direction of the wave.
The vibration of particles travels in the
direction of the wave.
Transverse wave takes on a crest and
trough (rise and fall) pattern.
Longitudinal wave takes on a compression and
rarefaction pattern.
Transverse waves can travel through a
solid and liquid medium.
Longitudinal waves can travel through a solid,
gas, and liquid medium.
Examples: light waves, electromagnetic
waves, surface waves, seismic S waves
Examples: sound waves, ultrasound waves, internal
water waves, tsunami waves, seismic P waves

Wrapping it up

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