Research Reveals Why Students Who Are Blessed By Cupid Feel Zestful

Love is a beautiful feeling which is reflected in all the little gestures of winks and smiles. It’s the moments that you spend with your loved one that make wonderful memories which you can cherish forever. We have read many love stories, even in our curriculum, but there’s one such story that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of many. When Romeo and Juliet fell truly, madly and deeply in love with each other, Juliet was barely in her teens and Romeo wasn’t much older either. Some saw them as a duo who found serenity in each other’s arms. Some thought of them as impulsive kids who were cut off from their family due to their kooky passion, provoked mood swaying, careless behavior and finally ended in blight. Even though this star-crossed couple’s epic love story is millennium’s old (you might have written one or more literary essays on the same), these two polarized views of adolescent romance have forged ahead in the minds of people.

Effects of Love on Students

Affairs of the heart have caught the attention of researchers who are interested in exploring the positive impact of romance on personal well-being. According to Dr. Wyndol Furman, a professor of psychology at the Denver University, adolescence is a roiling boiler whose key propellant is the opposite sex. He states that romantic relationships offer companionship and helps in the process of maturing. A study reveals that students are most alive when they are in love. Given that Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, we thought it’s the perfect time to discuss the positive effects love has on students in this blog. Give it a read to find out why getting blessed by Cupid is the most beautiful thing ever!

What are the Positive Effects of Love on Students?

Romantic relationships serve as a signal for career satisfaction. You can have all the extravagance in the world, but without love they will mean nothing. Love has been defined in various ways and humans have found incredible ways of celebrating the existence of love for centuries. With studies giving us a better insight into the biology and chemistry of love, even science has started recognizing its healthy benefits. Love is not just a tempting cocktail of chemicals which is nature’s way of keeping our species alive. It is an important part of a student’s life that provides valuable lesson in identity crisis, responsibility, respect and communication. Love is a wonderful, crazy feeling that makes you feel elated and positive. Let’s take a closer look at how love affects a student positively –

• Amusement

It’s incredible to love someone and to be yourself in front of that person. Love brings out that desire in you to perceive beauty even in imperfection and look for the amusing aspects of life. Positive emotions like amusement play a vital role in planning and shaping a student’s academic career. It is strongly related to personal achievement. According to a research, such positive feeling broadens flexible thinking and boosts creative-problem solving. A test conducted by Fredrickson and Levenson in 1998 shows how contentment helps in gaining control over negative emotions. Negative emotions have the tendency to increase heart rate which can be undone by contentment. In short – love will keep your heart healthy! Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said, “Where there is love there is life.”

• Hope

When you fall in love, you start hoping that there is room for good things in your life. You start appreciating the goodness present in the world. When you experience love, you start sharing your hopes with that person. You let that person inside your mind and let him/her know what really matters to you. Research says that students with high-level of hope perform better in academics, sports, have healthy life and sense positive psychological well-being. They are able to set clear-defined goals and make some wise choices about these goals. They create effective strategies to obtain these goals and sustain free thought required for achieving it. Hope and goals are closely related to each other because they provide the anchor system towards which alternative pathways and perceptions are directed. Studies also show that students with high hope are able to manage academic stress and tackle obstacles better and maintain control over negative emotions.

• Inspiration

When you fall in love, your companion should inspire you. The best kind of love is the kind that attempts to bring out the best in you. It will inspire you to face hurdles, be it personal or professional, with a brave heart. Take a leaf from Ex-Mr. and Mrs. President’s awe inspiring love story. In 1989, Michelle Robinson was working as an advisor to Barack Obama and guided him and made his transition smooth. Barack was head over heels in love with her after their first date. She was one of his top assets during the presidential campaign where she inspired millions with her powerful speeches. Besides being a graceful first lady, she took the responsibility of raising her family. Barack shed a tear during his final speech as President when he mentioned how Michelle’s unconditional love, motivation and genius inspired him to create history as America’s first black president. Thrash and Elliot’s note seems very much contextual here,“The heights of human motivation spring from the beauty and goodness that precede us and awaken us to better possibilities.”And it has also been seen, people who are open to inspiration are very much likely to experience. Here is an inspiring blog on 10 start ups launched by students just in case you are looking for some inspiration.

• Interest

Love is a lot about stories, so here’s one more beautiful love story of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan that will melt your heart. These two Harvard students first met in the toilet queue at a frat party in 2003 and soon started dating. In the mean time, Zuckerberg dropped out and started Facebook In 2012, Mark revealed the secrecy of their plans in front of friends and family and tied the knot. Since Chan had keen interest in social welfare from the very beginning, she shared her interest with Mark and inspired him. Having been trained in pediatrics and holding long interest in social welfare, Chan sowed the seed of Chan-Zuckerberg initiative which pledges to invest $3 billion for advancing human potential and promoting equality in education, health, scientific research and energy. Their love story is certainly an inspiration for young lovebirds. When you love someone truly, their dream becomes your dream. Such is the magic of love!

• Awe

It seems like the word ‘awe’ was created only for love, it’s that connected. When you fall in love with a person you are in awe of him or her. Here’s how awe works – when you come in contact with someone motivating, you feel a sense of vastness that gives you a new perspective on the world. A study reveals that you will feel less motivated and inspired if you are not in awe of someone,so when you are in dire need of motivation, love comes to rescue. Imagine how life-changing this experience can be if you are struggling to find meaning in your life and career! Positive affectivity of awe has the potential to open your minds to new ways of thinking. It can feel like the craziest thing to find someone who fits perfectly with you and it’s needless to say you will be in awe of that.

Love is exclusive; it’s so magical, so momentous that you cannot pack it into a neat box filled with positive virtues. Love is more grandiose, more awe-inspiring than that. Even if you put it into any box, it will explode from within and you will be left staring up at it like the dazzling flickers sent flying from fireworks. Love is complicated, love is enticing and love is conspicuous when it comes to making a student feel alive. As Lailah Gifty Akita says, “The greatest wonderful feeling is falling in love.”

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