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Excellent grades come with quality assignment writing. When the assignment submission date is knocking at the door, it is time to gear up. Before you begin with the task of assignment writing, make sure that you know how to write a brilliant assignment. In case you don’t, this write-up can provide you with the best insights.
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In this blog, I have collected assignment writing tips from the experts to help you get through the toughest assignments easily.

Check out the brilliant tips below.

  1. Understand the requirements of your assignment –

Before you begin writing your assignments, it is vital to know your assignment in detail. Assignment writing experts say that students should not start writing before they have thoroughly understood the question.
Your teachers might have given you important guidelines and instructions related to your assignment. Read those instructions/guidelines slowly and clearly. Make sure you go through them twice. Going through the instructions can save a lot of time.
Wondering what to look for in your assignment? Let us find the answer below.

  • The purpose of the assignment – To understand your assignment, pay special attention to the words that your teacher has used in the guidelines. These words will act as the keyword that will tell you the purpose of your assignment. Look for words like ‘Argue,’ ‘Compare,’ ‘Contrast,’ ‘Summarize,’ ‘Evaluate,’ ‘Describe,’ etc.
  • The length or format of the assignment – Check the guidelines for the length of the paper. Understanding the type of evidence that your teacher requires can help you to determine the format of the assignment and identify its purpose.
  1. Plan your time –

When you are anxious about meeting your assignment submission deadline, you tend to jump in and start writing your assignment right away. However, the experts say that you can actually save your time by making a plan before you start writing.
Now let’s say you have 4 assignments that you need to complete on the same day. A day has only 24 hours, and it can be next to impossible to write all the subjects at the same time. Experienced assignment experts suggest that you need to plan your task well.
Map out everything you need to cover in your assignments. Put together a schedule of what and when to write. Revisit your assignment plan time to time to check your progress. It can be highly motivating when you tick a particular assignment as complete on the schedule.

  1. Add tables and charts –

Have you ever read a book or article that was nothing but a continuous stretch of texts? While reading, we turn pages with a thought that there must be some pictures or graphs that will please our eyes. These extra elements actually give some relief to your eyes after reading a chunk of text.
Assignment experts suggest incorporating these additional elements like pictures, graphs, tables, charts and figures other than words in your assignment. It will help your readers to get through your assignment and understand it better. Keep reading to know the benefits of adding graphs and charts:

  • Helps in effective communication – While writing an assignment, our primary goal is to communicate our arguments, findings, thesis and everything that we are willing to present to our readers. Elements like tables, charts, pictures, facts, and figures help to carry that message to the person reading your assignment.

Tables and charts can be effective to communicate and share details in a short span. It will help you to display the facts and figures and allow the readers to comprehend the result easily.

  • Makes the assignment more appealing – People are drawn to pictures and charts in comparison to large blocks of text. Using these elements make the presentation more appealing. These elements make it easier for the readers to comprehend the content. However, make sure that the tables and charts are not just copies of your text description.

Although you add these elements to your assignments, don’t leave them hanging out there all alone. Reference your tables and figures in the assignment to guide your readers.

  1. Make the most of bullet points –

Experts say that assignments must be concise, formatted and well organized. It helps the readers to scan the assignment for important information. Bullet points help to organize information. To convey your information in bullet points, consider the purpose of the assignment and keep the intended audience in mind.
Try to give a strong heading to incorporate bullet points. The use of headings will show the type of information your bullet points will cover. It will help your readers to identify the key areas of information. Bullet points increase the overall readability. As a result, it will improve your reader’s ability to scan for their topic of interest.
You might be wondering how to use these bullet points. Check out the tips below.

  • Keep the points short. Try to write within two lines in length.
  • Use the same part of speech to begin each bullet point. For example, if your bullet starts with a verb, the other bullets in your text must follow the same part of speech, i.e., verb.
  • Try to keep the length of every bullet approximately the same.
  • Use the same margin width and font for each bullet.
  • Use strong headings to group related items together.
  1. Avoid silly mistakes –

To err is human, especially when it comes to writing assignments. Students make numerous errors while writing their assignments. As a result, it compromises with the quality of the paper and hampers their grades. However, it is quite easy to avoid these silly mistakes.
There are some common silly mistakes that students make while writing their assignments. A few of them are listed below:

  • Grammatical mistakes – Most students write their assignments in a hurry and submit the paper just moments before the deadline. Due to the rush, they don’t proofread their assignment for grammatical errors.

To avoid this mistake, check the assignments thoroughly before the final submission. You can use online grammar checkers like to trace the grammatical errors easily.

  • Improper formatting – Formatting errors are the next common mistakes that students make while writing their assignments. Students usually think that they have a good memory and skip the process of note-taking. As a result, they forget the instruction that was provided by their teacher at the time of assigning the task.

To avoid this mistake, it is mandatory to note down every instruction and guideline that your teacher instructed while assigning the task. While writing the assignment, make sure that the format of your assignment is according to the directions of your teacher.

  • Plagiarism – Plagiarism is the deadly mistake that students commit while writing their assignments. Students usually tend to copy the content directly from the source without making many changes. It is an unethical practice that might get the student expelled from the academic institution.

If you want to add information directly from the text or any other source, put them in quotes. Ensure that you add references in the end. You can also paraphrase your text instead of directly copy-pasting the information from the source.  You can use online plagiarism detecting software like to detect any plagiarized content in your assignment.
These were the assignment writing tips from the online experts. Follow the same and draft stellar papers this semester. For more such tips, stay tuned to our blogs.

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