‘Pay It Forward’: 10 Bright Students Complete Internship Program at Coca-Cola UNITED

Coca-Cola, the most popular and well-loved soft drink giant of the world, is not only known for its delicious beverages that people from ages of 9 to 90 can slurp on, but also for its philanthropic activities as well. Every year, this corporate biggie conducts an internship program, interestingly titled ‘Pay It Forward’, which has been designed to help African-American students have a brighter future.

Like yearly traditions go, this year too, Coca-Cola UNITED held its Pay It Forward internship program, offering 10 bright and young African American minds of the country the opportunity to intern for a week at the company’s premises. This year, the advocate of the program was the famous R&B singer, Tyrese Gibson.

Internship Program at Coca-Cola UNITED

These 10 students were chosen from five local Alabama HBCU or Historically Black Colleges and Universities and got the chance to intern at the Montgomery and Birmingham cities of the state. The program aimed at offering students a first-hand experience of how the daily functioning of the company is carried out, covering a range of departments that exist within its four walls including packaging, pricing, event management and philanthropy.

Commenting on the event, Vice President of the Central Region of Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Bo Taylor said: “We are proud to invest in the future workforce of America, and we’re thrilled to host these exceptional HBCU students on site. We hope the experience they’ve had this week helps them to further develop career goals and provides them with valuable perspective as they plan for their next phase in life.”

The students thoroughly enjoyed the program, with many of them aspiring to be a part of the company in the future as well as donning other roles that lend to the positive development of the society as a whole and the African-American community in particular.

The students selected for this year’s program include –

  • Brittany Morton and Sierra Hart from Alabama State University
  • Ryan Rolax and LilVencia Taylor from Miles College
  • Quinvarlio Kelly and Brandon Wood from Stillman College
  • Tifphanie Young and Chyna Gilbert from Tuskegee University
  • Trevyon Brant and Frantz Pinet from Taladega College

What is the ‘Pay It Forward’ program?

Ever since its inception in 1902 in Birmingham, Alabama, the Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED has spent a lot of time and effort in helping the African-American youth of the nation. It’s ‘Pay It Forward’ program is a step in the very same direction. This program is held annually, and African-American students from five HBUC institutions are allowed to take part in it every year. The core values of the program are Quality, Excellence, Integrity and Respect.

The program is open only to full-time undergraduate students who are presently studying in one of the five participating HBUC institutions in Alabama that have been listed above. The internship is also only available in cities in Alabama. To participate though, students have to fill up a form on Coca-Cola’s website.

Once selected, students will get a week-long internship at the Coca-Cola premises in Alabama with a manager of the company acting as their mentor. Students will also receive accommodation facilities if they meet certain conditions as well as a fixed stipend for all the expenses they incurred while interning at the company.

Students should read the rules of the program carefully before applying for it. These rules are available on the company’s website. The application process for the current year is over; however, students can apply for the year 2018 from January onwards.

While this program is only open to students above the age of 18, those below 18 need not lose heart either. Coca-Cola has its ‘Pay It Forward Scholarship’ program for students aged between 13 and 18, which students can apply for to get $5,000 internship along with mentorship at the Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Academy located in Atlanta.

We laud Coca-Cola’s efforts at uplifting minority communities and hope that their efforts will create a positive impact on the African-American community as well as the society at large.

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