Netflix and Its Harmful Effects on Students These Days

Did you just binge-watch an entire season of Breaking Bad last night, only to realise that you have an assignment to complete, as well? No wonder, you are now running around the house, frantically looking for your elder siblings or parents to help you out at the very last moment. Look into the mirror and ask yourself whether a sleep-deprived version of you is sending across positive vibes to your mental health in any form? You already know the answer, I believe. Netflix for students is only helpful if they know how not to exploit the platform.

Impact of Netflix

As they say, too much of anything is good for nothing, too much of Netflix can get students addicted, of course in a bad way. Now, invest some time in reading this blog and identify the negative impacts Netflix carries for students.

A sleep-deprived generation of youth

It goes without saying that an individual who has to attend lectures in the morning and finish homework/assignment after coming back to the dorm, will hardly find any time to watch his/her favourite series on Netflix. As a result, an overly involved youth will try and utilise late-night hours to fill in the void.

Consequence? They would either wake up late and miss out on important college notes or allow a sleep-deprived state of mind to get the better of them.

Apart from that, the lack of enough sleep has other repercussions as well.

Let’s take a look at the most critical ones.

  • Lack of sleep impacts the normal functioning of attention, thus keeping students away from focusing on class notes and other academic activities.
  • It leads to depression, lack of appetite and fatigue.
  • In addition, it results in forgetfulness, difficulty in learning new concepts and clumsiness.

Inability to cope with exam pressure, pending assignments and the likes

Netflix for college students can prove to be one major setback in this context. Imagine, you have been enjoying the latest episodes of Stranger Things until the time you realise that there are exams to sit for, and assignments to complete.

If we are to cite research, it is to be mentioned that Netflix consumers spend as much as ten hours per week on the platform. While this is only an average count, the real figure is expected to be more than ten hours.

Someone who has exams knocking on the door or urgent assignments to submit can never afford to waste ten productive hours watching web series and movies. The bad news is students are hardly able to identify such loopholes by looking at the bigger picture. As a consequence, students end up missing out on assignment deadlines, a loosely prepared exam syllabus, last moment anxieties and more.

Netflix can also bring in socialisation issues for students

Even though the tagline “Netflix and Chill” is pretty good to go, but I think the young generation has simply misinterpreted it. Last day, I found my nephew posting a status on Facebook that said, “Thanks Netflix, my personal rehab. I can happily cancel weekend plans and sit back and enjoy.

What’s wrong with them? There’s no harm watching a nice documentary or web series on Netflix. But that shouldn’t act as a “rehab” or an alternative to human interactions and socialisation. Lack of socialisation can affect students in the following ways.

  • Poor self-esteem.
  • Inability to distinguish between reality and fiction.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Decreased sense of empathy.
  • Inability to learn or grasp things faster.

To Wrap Up

I hope the blog will help you understand how Netflix affects students in a negative way. Unless the aforementioned issues related to the student using Netflix are brought into notice and addressed accordingly, using the online streaming platform will only guide youngsters in the wrong direction. There should always be a fine balance between entertainment and education. An overdose will always make things complicated for students in the long run.

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