Mental Health Tips to Cope with Academic Life

An academic life can be a demanding one and it is perfectly normal to feel anxious about meeting the high standards set by your professors. But problem arises when this feeling of nervousness starts giving way to stress. You have to immediately develop a strategy to balance your studies and other activities in life.

Mental Health Tips

Tips for students to stay mentally healthy

Here are few ways through which you can avoid a stressful and depressing academic life:

Knowing the expectations:

If you know beforehand what exactly your professors want you to do or expect from you, it becomes easier for you to balance your studies and other activities. So try and find out —

  1. How and when will your work be assessed?
  2. How many lectures, seminars, lab sessions or other appointments you are expected to attend?
  3. How many written tasks are expected to be completed?
  4. Is there any presentation or explanation that you need to conduct?
  5. When are the deadlines for important work?

You can get this information from your university’s internal website, or you can speak to the tutor or administrator about it.

Practical planning:

Get familiar with the buildings and departments you are studying in. Find out how and where you can access the services you require. For example —

  1. The places of study like library, laboratories, and classrooms.
  2. The location of student’s union or welfare office.
  3. The places where you can get alternatives to important books or other laboratory equipment.

Scheduling your work:

Once you get the knowledge of deadlines and exam schedule, you can predict when you will be busiest and when you will have less workload. A written planner is very useful in terms of keeping a track on educational responsibilities. At the same time, this can help you plan ahead for other commitments too. It is important to have enough time for both academic and social work.

Receiving academic support:

If you are suffering from mental health condition, you have the choice to decide whether or not to tell your academic supervisors about it. But remember, speaking to a supervisor or course tutor can help you get academic support. You can arrange for more sessions with your supervisor or course tutors in order to adjust your timetable and avail extension on the last date for submission for tasks.

One-minute break:

Whenever you get a chance, close your eyes and imagine a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Imagining a quiet scene can take you out of a stressed situation. If you are finding trouble in imagining the scene, listen to music.

These are simple, yet effective ways to remove stress from academic life. If you want to lead a peaceful life during your academic years, you should practice these measures.

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