Meet Brittany Stinson: Unique Humor in her Admissions Essay Got Her into 5 Ivies, Stanford

Brittany Stinson, a high school senior, recently came to know that she has been accepted into five Ivy League Schools and Stanford University. The five Ivy League schools were Yale University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth University and Cornell University. Besides, she got into Stanford University, which has a borderline acceptance rate of 4.69% that is even lower than any of the Ivy League Colleges. In addition, all of these Universities make it to The Times Higher Education tables each year among the top universities in the world.

Unique Humor in her Admissions Essay Got Her into 5 Ivies, Stanford

As she shared her Common Admissions essay with a news media on the internet, the former quickly went viral. It was clear that what stood out was her ability to build unique humor and reflect self-identity into and through the stylistic architectonics of the less than a thousand words paper. She confessed about her difficulty to express her experiences and qualifications within a thousand words, but mentioned about her knowledge about the singular importance of the essay as being able to communicate the writer’s identity without having named that particular person.

She had narrowed the identifiable qualities to convey to the admissions officers to one or two and added that she used a ludic tone to write down those qualities. Her defining sense of humor was clear in the way she mentioned about a trip to Costco. There, smoking a hickory ham inspired a conversation between her father and herself about the contentious nature of President Andrew Jackson also known as ‘Old Hickory.’

While it was this humorous approach that made her essay stand out among thousands of candidates at Yale and the rest of the schools, it was not only the essay that made her application successful. What made her admission application successful at five of the Ivies, Stanford and other universities such as Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, New York and Boston, were her fluency in Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish and being a valedictorian of her Concord High School class where she stood first each year with a weighted GPA at 4.9 and an un-weighted at 4.0. In addition, she also took eight Advanced Placement courses, mostly in science, throughout her classes at her high school. Besides, she also presented her research at the end of the conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) program in Science, Technology Engineering, and Math (STEM) where her options were on astrophysics and science writing.

Apart from extra-curricular and SAT scores, which many students have, there was her love for Costco where she took her vacations, looking upon the place like a Disneyland. The essay reflected that and on a fragmentary and rich montage of her life, academically serious and sometimes silly and light-hearted, making her application stand out among thousands. Not taking the traditional route with the anxiety of conforming, Stinson explored the disciplines of history, biology and dance along with calculus, cross-country running and research in science. This cart full of theoretical notions, as much from her studies as her life made it superbly self-referential and uniquely identifiable with the chock-a-block of her life. It also earned her the deserving place at five of the much-coveted Ivies, Stanford and the other top colleges. assists students in writing the perfect application essay that stands out from the rest

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