Learn How to Solve 3+3×3-3+3

When you see an equation like 3+3×3-3+3, it immediately tickles your brain: how to solve it?

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how to solve 3+3x3-3+3

Equation: 3+3×3-3+3

According to our math experts, this equation can be solved by applying the BODMAS rule. So in order to solve this brainteaser, you first need to understand what a BODMAS is.

BODMAS rule:

In mathematics, the order of operations is always used to determine which procedure should be performed first in a mathematical expression.

BODMAS rule includes the following order of equation:

B stands for ‘Brackets’

O stands for ‘Of’ (orders: powers, square roots, cube roots etc.)

D Stands for ‘Division’ (left to right)

M stands for ‘Multiplication’ (left to right)

A stands for ‘Addition’ (left to right)

S stands for ‘Subtraction’ (left to right)

If you apply the rule of BODMAS, any equation can be simplified.

Step-by-step solution


By taking a cursory glance at the above equation, you can easily tell that this mathematical equation does not have brackets or even orders. This is a simple equation with multiplication-addition-subtraction.

Following the BODMAS rule, you have to do multiplication first.

 So let’s rewrite the equation by inserting brackets to indicate which part we have to solve first,

3+ (3×3) – 3 + 3

= 3 + (9) – 3 + 3

After solving the multiplication part, following the BODMAS rule, we need to do the addition first before subtraction. So let’s re-write the equation accordingly,

 (3 + 9) – 3 + 3

= 12 – 3 + 3

Thus, by doing the addition before subtraction, we get

 (12 + 3) – 3

= (15) – 3

 Now, we are left with only subtraction which is very easy to do.

15 – 3

= 12

The final answer is 12.

So you can see how effortlessly our experts solved this complicated equation. The reason is they knew the correct formula and how to approach the problem.


The rule of operations is taught by using the acronyms. In UK it is BODMAS. In United States, PEMDAS is used instead of BODMAS. It stands for Parenthesis (P), Exponents (E), Multiplication (M), Division (D), Addition (A) and Subtraction (S). Here, ‘parenthesis’ is same as ‘brackets’ and ‘exponents’ are same as ‘orders’. Similarly in Australia, BIDMAS (Brackets – Indices – Division – Multiplication – Addition – Subtraction) is used.

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