International Yoga Day: Yoga Pill for Students to Bust Study Stress

In an age of intense academic competition, the word ‘stress’ has become synonymous with students. Student life has become more stressful and exhausting than professional life. Yoga, the ancient form of meditation, can help these students reduce their tension and depression from their lives. Yoga is a mental and spiritual practice that connects the mind with the soul. The practices involve breathing control, specific body postures or simple meditation. It is practiced in India since the Vedic ages and today the world recognizes it as the most scientific method for health and relaxation.

International Yoga Day

Acknowledged by UNO, the whole world will celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21 every year from now onwards. The world will observe this day with community yoga practice and seminars among much exuberance and jubilation. As the world celebrates its maiden Yoga Day today, let’s have a look at the potential benefits of yoga practice for the students.

  • Relief from stress and anxiety

Yoga pacifies the mind and helps to reduce stress significantly. The mind-body practice controls breathing and induces relaxation. While it reduces the anxieties, the blood pressure normalizes and improves heart function.

  • Enhances concentration and confidence

Most of the students suffer from a lack of confidence and concentration. Regular yoga helps to focus on studies by improving the concentration. It also revitalizes oneself and helps to build confidence for examinations, viva and practical assignments.

  • Improves health and immunity system

The students often suffer from back pain, breathing ailment and obesity. Scientists have recognized the effectiveness of Yoga to cure these chronic illnesses. It improves the muscle strength by reducing the excessive fat in the body. Yoga teaches the perfect body posture that reduces or heals body pain.

  • Teaches responsibility and discipline

Yoga is often referred as a journey. It is a journey that connects the soul with the body. By practicing yoga every day, everyone realizes their responsibilities and the virtues of discipline. Yoga is deeply associated with the philosophy that teaches the values of humanity and serenity.

Many professors have admitted that regular yoga practice enhances creativity and innovativeness in students. They feel a new interest in their work and studies. As the students are required to write various practical tasks, yoga can significantly help augment their work.

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