Interesting Comparative Essay Topics, Tips and Suggestions

As evident by the name, comparative essay refers to the comparisons made on the basis of certain research programs, self-analysis and thoughts on a particular topic. However, it is to be noted that merely pointing out the differences or similarities in a comparative essay will not be enough; rather it is much more than that. There are certain technical aspects that one must consider keeping in mind while composing essays related to comparative topics.

How to Write a Comparative Essay- Topics, Tips & Suggestions

From understanding the type of comparison you are supposed to make to jotting down the vital aspects of the topic, composing comparative essays take a lot of effort, concentration and a clear understanding of facts and figures before one decides to write the entire paper. If you are currently stuck on a comparative essay topic and finding things difficult to organize and add in your paper, then take a look at the following suggestions and helpful tips that can assist you to come up with convincing and well-framed comparative essay assignments.

Composing Comparative Essays
  • Analyzing the essay topic thoroughly

First things first; you need to analyze and understand the comparative essay topic clearly before you decide to draft the matter. You have to carefully analyze whether there are any limitations or certain restrictions demanded in the topic assigned, and to what extent it would be possible for you to figure out differences and compile them in the final piece of the paper. Unless you are confirming such vital points and aspects, commencing the task of writing comparative essay might turn out to be a bad idea.

  • Understand the kind of comparisons you are supposed to make

Now that you have analyzed and figured out the topic and what does it demands, it’s time for you to understand the type of comparisons the topic demands you to bring out. This is equally important and considered as one of the most effective ways to begin composing a paper that deals with topics which are of comparative nature.

In case you are not sure about the type of comparison your essay topic is asking you to make, then consider seeking help from experienced custom essay helpers and college seniors. One who has a better understanding of facts and technicalities associated with comparative essay writing will be able to guide you better. Hence, in case of any confusion or dilemma, asking your instructor to sort things out is certainly wise.

  • Maintain a list of similarities and dissimilarities drawn

One must consider maintaining a list of similarity and dissimilarity associated with the topic. It is recommended to do so because there’s no substitute to an organized way of drafting essays. Maintaining the vital points of dissimilarities and similarities associated with the essay topic will help you discuss things in a better way in the final copy.

  • Concentrate on the context

It is crucial that you are concentrating on the context of discussion and comparison. You have to evaluate and understand the context first, and then only you’ll be able to come up with convincing comparisons associated with the topic. The context could be anything and everything. From feminism to world politics, economics to racial discrimination; you need to have a clear and vivid idea regarding the topic or the perspective you are trying to project. The basis of your comparison can contain certain elements such as the theme, grounds, attributes and the likes. While drafting the paper, you are required to keep every detail in mind and implement certain strategies and writing techniques as and when required.

Now that you are done with all of the aforementioned steps and suggestions, it’s time for you to research on the topic you are supposed to make comparisons. It is to be remembered that without research and extracting enough information and convincing evidences associated with the context of discussion, you won’t be able to make the content look interesting and persuasive to the target audience. You are also supposed to cite research data according to the writing style you’re using. For example, APA or MLA formats.

Also take note of the fact that you should consider referring to sources and archives that are reliable and widely used. If in the end you come up with information and citations that aren’t genuine, then all your effort and mettle will simply go in vain. Hence, be careful.

  • Composing the thesis statement

No essay is good essay, unless you are adding a clear, concise and intriguing thesis statement. This particular section serves the purpose of introducing your idea or the approach related to the topic to the potential readers. Thus, failing to add clear thesis statement with perfectly added contents ensuring readability, you can’t expect the latter half of the paper to be engaging for your prospective readers.

  • Consider organizing techniques and other strategies as required

Planning the organizational strategy and every other technique before commencing with the task of writing comparative essay is important. Organizing the entire paper and deciding how to add each of the content requires careful analysis. You can maintain sticky notes, traditional outline methods or organizing the “to-do elements’ in the form of bullet points. While there are several options available; you need to decide the one that would help you in arranging things in an organized manner.

Talking of techniques and implementation of strategies; one can choose to break stereotypes by choosing to write the body paragraphs in an interesting and engaging manner. In each of the paragraphs, add different aspects of the comparative essay topic instead of dumping everything on a single paragraph.

This, as a result, will help the potential readers find the composition interesting as they will be able to find various aspects of the comparison highlighted in each of the paragraphs. While comparing a subject to another, be careful in highlighting aspects that are relevant. Failing to do so will only make your essay paper look like a loosely structured and incompetent one.

Once you are done with the body paragraphs and adding every vital point of comparison and contrast to the paper, it’s time for you to add an impressive conclusion. The idea of adding conclusions in essay should be to help the potential readers to know what they have read about, and in assisting them to relate to the paper and the topic that was discussed.

The conclusion section should be in form of a summary which shall also serve the purpose of creating a demand among the potential readers to read more of such compositions. Repetition of what has already been discussed in the body paragraph is not exactly what conclusion stands for; rather the section should be short, simple yet convincing in terms of contents added in form of “results” “probable consequences” “warnings’ and the likes.

  • Always proofread and edit the content before submitting

Once you have finished writing the essay, it’s time to proofread and edit the content thoroughly. If you have the required time to go through the paper and edit the copy as per requirement, then do the needful or seek expert help in case there’s a limitation of time or any other complexity.

If you are accustomed to the latest tools and online proofreading techniques and elements, then consider using the resources and ensure grammatically correct and contextually flawless papers. One can also get in touch with the custom essay paper proofreaders and editors available these days. It would eventually help you in submitting fully revised and edited essays.

50 Amazing Comparative Essay Prompts

  • Adolescent Vs. Adulthood
  • Animals Vs. Humans
  • Love Vs. Hatred
  • Critical comparison between two major mobile phone manufacturing companies
  • History Vs. Philosophy
  • Coffee Vs. Alcohol
  • Email Vs. Telegram
  • Family Vs. Relatives
  • School Friends Vs. College Friends
  • Draw a critical comparison between poets and authors
  • Cars Vs. Motorbikes
  • Airplane Vs. Ship
  • Draw comparisons based on critical study on the mechanism of human robots and computers
  • Wrestlers Vs. Street Fighters
  • Oil paint Vs. Watercolor
  • Societal laws Vs. Independent Decision
  • Reptiles Vs. Sea Creatures
  • Cash payment Vs. Credit Payment
  • Architecture Vs. Archeology
  • Joint Family Vs. Nuclear Family
  • Russian Government Vs. Australian Government
  • Australian Work Culture Vs. American Work Culture
  • Critical comparison between prose and poetry
  • Television V.s Radio
  • Mobile Phones Vs. Pagers
  • Office Vs. College
  • Private Tutors Vs. School Teachers
  • Professional Writers Vs. Amateur Writers
  • Arts Vs. Science
  • Style Vs. Fashion
  • Critically compare the concepts of online dating and traditional dating
  • Draw critical comparisons between Newton and Einstein
  • Critical comparison between music by Mozart and Beethoven
  • Compare the effect of using Twitter and Facebook on young adults and older men
  • Profitable organization Vs. Non-profitable organization
  • Academic books Vs. Comic Books
  • Christianity Vs. any particular Religion
  • Which is a better sport? Soccer or Football?
  • Who has been a more influential dictator? Hitler or Stalin?
  • Critical comparison of the teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha
  • Draw a critical comparison between Anti-Hero and Villain
  • Critical comparison between Macbeth and Julius Caesar
  • The concept of beauty in Australia Vs. the concept of beauty in India
  • The concept of parenting in Australia Vs. the concept of parenting in Asia
  • Gasoline vs. Biodiesel
  • Biodiesel vs. Ethanol
  • Ethanol vs. Gasoline
  • Marketing strategy of Microsoft vs. the marketing strategy of Dell
  • Salvador Dali vs. Charlie Chaplin
  • Trend vs. Class
  • Private universities vs. public universities
  • Online tutorial vs. private tutorial
  • Critical comparison between Mahatma Gandhi and Lenin
  • Critical comparison between the concept of Modernism and Realism
  • Critical comparison between modern day parenting and traditional parenting
  • Liberal approach vs. orthodox approach
  • Critical comparison of the Honors courses vs. AP classes
  • Comparison between the concept of township and rural household
  • Critical comparison between school life and college life
  • The philosophy of Socrates vs. the teachings of Plato
  • Lessons taught in schools vs. the lessons taught in universities
  • Critical comparison between the concept between living on streets vs. living in a car
  • Draw a critical comparison between the Roman mythology vs. Celtic mythology
  • Critically compare the formula of certain chemical reactions
  • Is home a better place as compared to any particular hill station or sea beach?
  • Which has a worse consequence? Earthquake or Volcanoes?
  • Addiction to alcohol or addiction to drugs? Which is worse?
  • Comparing the basics of comedy genre and tragedy genre in movies
  • Comparing the lessons learnt from science classes and geography classes
  • Comparison between a country that is in peace and a country which is at war
  • Comparing the functionality of a printer machine and a photocopy machine
  • Is gymnastic exercise better than yoga or vice versa?
  • Driving a private car and hiring a vehicle; which one is better?
  • The effect of coffee vs. the effect of tea
  • Playing cricket or watching cricket? Which is a better experience?
  • Being a leader or a person who is an inspiration for others; which one is better?
  • The concept of e-commerce vs. the traditional practice of retail purchases
  • Studies related to Archeology vs. studies related to History
  • The concept of theology vs. mythology
  • Are education and employment somewhat similar? Compare critically
  • Critical comparison between the Australian accent and American accent
  • The president of America vs. U.K. president
  • Comparison between Anthropology and Sociology
  • Working for a multinational company vs. running your won start-up firm
  • Online job hunting vs. traditional job hunting; which is more feasible?
  • Comparison between the various philosophies related to the concepts of life and death
  • Comparing the functionalities of microwave and induction cooker
  • Critically compare the writing style of two different poets
  • Critically compare the concept of arranged marriage and love marriage
  • Comparing the ideologies related to Marxism and Maoism
  • Comparing the functionalities of supercomputers and personal computers
  • Critically compare between the advantages of summer days and wintry nights
  • Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of staying in hotel rooms and  home stays
  • Comparing games played in Smartphone, Play stations and computer
  • Critically compare the concepts of professional writing services and the t raditional ones
  • Forbes vs. Bloomberg
  • Comparison between two different characters from the Harry Potter series
  • Modes of communication in the ancient times vs. the modes of communication prevalent these days
  • Emigrants vs. Immigrants
  • The ancient methods of teaching vs. modern day teaching.

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