how to write a conclusion for an essay

Finishing an essay in style is a cherry on the top for the writers. The conclusion of an essay does not account for the maximum marks but is an integral part which adds essence. If you do not have a prior idea on how to write a conclusion for an essay, then you should get started immediately.

However, do not get too worked up about the conclusion, as this blog will provide you with a detailed insight on curating appropriate conclusion. Moreover, various types of essays have been covered to offer you an idea of how the conclusion changes for each sample.

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How To Write A Conclusion for An Argumentative Essay

Conclusions provide the perfect wrap up to an essay. Here it is your duty to highlight the critical aspects of the essay. In argumentative essays, the students are required to investigate the topic. Moreover, you have to present the contrasting viewpoints related to the issue.

However, in order to answer your question how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay?’ It is imperative that you stick to the guidelines. The tips are mentioned below.

  • Restate the central argument (thesis) at the beginning of the conclusion.
  • Restate the significance of the topic.
  • Highlight the key elements of the entire passage in conclusion.
  • Address the contrasting points related to the issue.
  • Convey the future implications.

In order to provide you with a clear idea of how to write a conclusion to an argumentative essay, let us have a look at an example.

For instance, let us assume the topic is “Curfew and Its impact on Teenagers”.

Your conclusion should look like this,

Teenagers should be provided with the liberty to roam about in public places. Teenagers enjoy this phase where they explore the outside world along with their friends. The parents also feel that it is safe for their children to be in places such as shopping plazas, museum etc. If the teenagers are barred from enjoying their leisure time due to curfew, it might be detrimental for their personal growth.

You may have realized that the sentence marked in brown is the thesis of the essay. The sentence highlighted in green provides the supporting details.  Finally, the last sentence written in blue highlights the course of action.

You must be careful not to state your personal opinion in the Call to Action section and leave it up to the readers to figure the necessary action. The concerned authorities will be acting upon the issue.

In the next section, we’ll be taking a look at another type of essay.

How To Write A Conclusion for An Informative Essay

If you have understood the previous section, then it will be easy for you to grasp the idea on how to write a conclusion to an informative essay. However, the tone of the conclusion will change here as informative essays usually shed light on a particular subject matter in details.

Conclusion of the informative essays requires you to abide by specific points highlighted below.

  • Recall the initial arguments of the essay.
  • Restate the thesis.
  • Keep your readers glued to the content
  • You might throw a question, mention the future research possibilities or present a challenge.
  • Do not state your opinions
  • Allow the readers (professors) to draw a conclusion on their own.

If you have doubts lingering on your mind on how to write a conclusion to an informative essay, then the following example will make things easy for you.

For instance, you have been provided with a topic- “Donate Blood And Save Lives”. You have to give a relevant conclusion stated below.

Blood Donation is essential for saving lives. Now that you are aware of the procedure, there is nothing to be worried about anymore. Moreover, you also have an idea of how soon the blood donated gets replenished. Each blood drop counts and your presence in the blood donation camp is an inspiration to others. When you have plenty of blood in your system, why not share?

The example is similar to the previous instance stated in the argumentative essay section.  The section marked in brown highlights the thesis statement. The following sentences highlight the supporting facts and the call to action aspects, respectively.

If you have been following the examples carefully, you should have an appropriate idea on how to write a conclusion for an essay.

How To Write A Conclusion To An Analytical Essay

Now that you have an idea on how to write a conclusion for argumentative and informative essays, it is time we take a look at the analytical essay. The analytical essay is different from the rest two essay types.

Analytical essays can be curated with a variety of disciplines. However, the standard convention dictates that the essay explores the critical elements through careful examination. Moreover, you have to provide authentic validations.

If you have a query on how to write a conclusion to an analytical essay?” the following points will help you out.

  • You must restate the central argument (thesis) of the essay.
  • You should present the main arguments of the essay.
  • You can provide a possibility for the future scope of research.
  • You can highlight the limitations of the scope of research

For instance, let us assume that you have been assigned an analytical essay on the famous poem ‘Ozymandias’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

As customary with the conclusions, you provide the central argument of the essay in the first sentence. Following the thesis statement, you have to give supporting facts. Finally, you leave it up to the imagination of the readers to draw a conclusion on the transient nature of human life.

Thus, you have your answer on how to write a conclusion to an analytical essay.

If you understand the perspective of the content, you will no longer worry about how to write a conclusion for an essay.

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