How to Use Social Bookmarking For Business

Social Bookmarking is an online service designed in a centralized manner that enables Internet users to add, edit and even share bookmarks regarding web documents. Social Bookmarking is quite different from file sharing since these websites do not save the resources by themselves, but only save bookmarks that act as reference to these resources. It means that you can only view the links to the bookmarked pages.

How to Use Social Bookmarking For Business?

How Social Bookmarking can be used as a business marketing tool?

Members of social bookmarking sites can utilize these online platforms to promote the websites of their companies or brands or articles related to it. Several marketers have already started publicizing social bookmarking alias SBM sites for publicizing their brand name efficiently.


  1. An interesting example of Social Bookmarking for business marketing purposes is the usage of StumbleUpon. Many marketers have started using StumbleUpon website to crosslink their brands’ profiles from other reputed social media platforms on to StumbleUpon. They feel that members on StumbleUpon who are relevant to their brand may refer to their web pages’ links.
  2. Another interesting example of Social Bookmarking site’s utilization for business marketing purposes is the usage of Delicious site. This is an SBM site that belongs to Yahoo and many marketers utilize it for publicizing their brand site’s pages since its bookmarks are highlighted in search engine results. Marketers even use this site for linking it to their brand’s Yahoo profiles at times.

Textbooks on Social Bookmarking

Marketers need to be good at handling Social Bookmarking platforms for boosting their business through online campaigns. For this, they can refer to the details in relevant textbooks like:

  • Small-business Guide to Winning at Web Marketing by Cyndie Shaffstall (Published by C Shaffstall & Son, LLC).
  • Success Secrets For Social Bookmarking: Network Marketing Insider Techniques for Social Bookmarking (Published by Kerby Mellon).

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