How to Use Blogger to Build Your Brand and Business

Blogger is a popular blog publishing website managed by Google since 2003. The blogs under Blogger service are hosted by Google on a sub-domain Any Gmail user can avail this service to post numerous blogs with time-stamped entries. General Internet surfers initially used this service for sharing their blogs that consisted of stories and articles on various topics. But with the rising popularity of Blogger, it has emerged as a popular tool for online marketers.

How to Use Blogger to Build Your Brand?

How Blogger can be used as a business marketing tool?

Blogger is a social media platform that fastens business blogging since it is compatible on all available gadgets like tablets and smartphones. Since Blogger belongs to Google Inc, any relevant content regarding a company or brand on this platform can enhance the possibility of the names appearing on Google search engine result. Apart from Google, the brand also stands a chance of improving its ranking on other reputed search engines.


  1. Blogger marketing is being effectively used by small businesses. Since most of them do not have budget to spend on paid domains, they are using Blogger for setting up a website. Small entrepreneurs usually design a blog in their company’s name and customize it with their brand logo, background colors and other settings. They utilize such blogs for blogging and even business purpose by making a separate contact page in their BlogSpot blog section.
  2. Large businesses utilize Blogger for providing updates to their customers. They encourage their customers to subscribe to their Blogger blog for receiving email notifications regarding their latest updates.

Textbooks on Blogger

If marketers want to use Business Blogging effectively, they need to have a complete understanding of how Blogger works. The following textbooks can throw light on the topic:

  • Blog Marketing: The Revolutionary New Way to Increase Sales, Build Your Brand, and Get Exceptional Results by Jeremy Wright (Published by McGraw Hill Professional – Year 2005).
  • Google Blogger For Dummies by Susan Gunelius (Published by John Wiley & Sons – Year 2009).

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