How to Solve the Math Equation: A+B+B+B+80+90=100 Logically

Wondering how to solve this Algebraic Equation A+B+B+B+80+90=100?  

This is a fundamental puzzle in Mathematics.

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Solve The Math Equation

Make it easy and get the solution of the puzzle A+B+B+B+80+90=100 by simplifying it.

Let us solve this step by step:

A+B+B+B+80+90=100 ——————-> 1 (Step No. 1)

Now we can add the numeric values: 80+90 =170 ——–> (Step No. 2)

Next we will add up similar alphabetic values: B+B+B=3B ———–> (Step No. 3)

Now we can start solving the problem by putting values of step 2 & 3 in step 1, like:

A+ (B+B+B) + (80+90) =100,


A+3B+170 =100 ———>(step No. 4)

Now we can solve regarding Variable “A”.

Now we can shift the value 170 to the Right, and Keep other alphabetic values at the Left, like:

A+3B = 100-170

A+3B= – 70 ———————–> (Step No. 5)

Now what we do to Simplify the Equation is, just put the value of step No. 5 (A+3B= – 70) in step No. 4, like:

A+3B+170 =100




100=100 (Hence Proved)

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