How to Handle the Pressure of College Life and Part-time Job

Once you set foot on you college campus, you can face the hardest transition in your life. You may need to earn some money for those expensive textbooks or meet other college expenses. And for that you need to do a part-time job. But it is not that easy to juggle between mid-term papers and strenuous tasks in your job? It is really tough to master the art of time management to balance work and college. Here are few possible ways to have a healthy balance between work and college.

How to Handle the Pressure of College Life

Ways to balance college life and part-time job

  • Fulfill your health requirements: The reports of University Health Center at The University of Georgia suggest that lack of sleep leads to a stressed out situation. This situation can worsen in the form of poor academic performance or depression and anxiety. So try and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night to refresh your body. Three meals a day is recommended along with some nutritious snacks. You can always carry trail mix, granola bars and dried fruit with you if you intent to skip a meal.
  • Reduce your study load: You may want your degree by signing up for large number of classes, but it will definitely affect your grades. If you are working, schedule your classes in a manner that you have a slight break between class and work. Don’t tighten your schedule, give yourself time to unwind.
  • Have a support system: You definitely need strong support when you are handling college and work at the same time. Discuss your schedule with your family, ask for their advice. Find out if family members will be available if you need transportation to and from work.
  • Find an enjoyable job: If you engage in part-time job that you enjoy, it will be much easier for you to handle the responsibilities of college and job. You will look forward to working even after a long period session at college. If you are addicted to gaming, consider getting a job in local games shop or video game store.
  • Schedule your work: You can either opt for evenings and weekend job or attend afternoon, evening or weekend classes. However, just because you have 15 credit hours in your college schedule, it does not mean that you will ignore the study time. To tackle both work and study successfully, you need to invest in a daily planner or use an app on your phone to make the schedule of your daily responsibilities. Planned schedule can aid you to avoid conflicts.
  • Get a social life: You can refresh yourself by taking one or two nights as play time. Go to a movie, buy tickets to a show, attend a party or go for the activities you like. It is important to release your stress of the week by doing something enjoyable and fun.

These are some valuable tips to handle the stress and work load of college along with your part-time job. If you want to earn for your high expenses and also secure good grades at college, you must follow these guidelines.

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