How to Handle Stress and Prevent Homework-Related Meltdowns

There arise numerous situations in which a child, an adolescent or even an adult student can go through a meltdown. Such events have long become common in the fast-paced lives of the children and students of the Anglophone world. As the demand for homework keeps increasing, many educators are also concerned about the ways in which overwork is harming the children and students of the developed world.

How to Handle Stress and Prevent Homework

In many children, it is known to increase ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder during which the child keeps procrastinating through hyperactivity. As more pressure builds up both on the parent and the child, the former often is helpless to direct the child when it goes into a meltdown. In addition, although adolescents and students can be reasoned with, they also suffer from effects of being overworked in childhood and bear considerable traces of stress, ADHD and Aspergers’ Syndrome.

Overwork also leads to obesity and insomnia that are as common with children as with adolescent and mature students. Educationists have long been critical of the kind of homework that is assigned to children. Much of this work is not directed towards the future of the child and the pedagogy demands memorizing historical facts or banal vocational activities with little attention to their realization in everyday life or adhering to contemporary scientific models.

The flipside of the situation:

Nevertheless, educationists also stress that this kind of education has its unique merits and might assist the child or the student later in life whether in studying the liberal arts or doing utility-oriented jobs. Although there is hardly any scientific basis for the kind of overwork the student faces in various models of education, this kind of homework and education is here to stay. This is supported by the knowledge base it creates among individuals, the creativity and resilience it generates in later life and the theoretical prop-ups it creates for further utility and technological-oriented education. Hence, what is required are strong and balanced plans to meet the challenges of this kind of education.

Problems and solutions associated with stress and homework meltdown:

Problem: Overwork in schools, colleges and universities lead to stress as deadlines keep piling up for assignments. The sheer number of disciplines, that the child or student has to involve himself/herself in from an early age, require time management and related skills for managing the subjects and the deadlines. Lack of time-management skills often leads to a meltdown.

Solution: Here time-management skills are the key and if practiced from an early childhood, the problems associated with pending deadlines can be avoided. Some of the more important methods for managing time are by:

The student has to keep aside separate slots of time for each subject. It is better to keep the subject he/she tires in quickly for times when the mind is fresher and the discipline he/she is better in for more trying times. The fresh mind tires less and absorbs more, while the tired mind will burnout and absorb less whatsoever the situation or discipline.

Students should set up a calendar and mark the holidays for important disciplines and the schooling days for lesser important ones.

Students have to be realistic in their setting aside of projects. Projects that require larger slots of time should be set apart for holidays. 

Problem: Overwork in school, colleges and universities often pile up when students do not clarify questions. Work piles up due to lack of clarity and the student is left behind many in class. A meltdown might result if unclarified work keeps piling on.

Solution: A thinking and critical mind should be cultivated from childhood as such a mind consistently asks questions and clarifies issues. If answers to questions are met in time, the student can finish his work within the targeted time-slots. 

Problem: Students often do not pay enough attention in class or take notes. This is truer of children with ADHD or Aspergers’ syndrome. This leads to a meltdown due to under-preparation or simply due to the lack of care given to the children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Solution: More than half of the workload reduces if students get their notes in order and studies summarily at home. ADHD, Aspergers’ and children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders should be given special classes and treated with health-related care from an early childhood. Caregivers should always be present with such children, even with the high-functioning ones until they are able to take notes and express themselves according to their unique abilities. 

Problem: Students often do not allow more time for a particular subject they find particularly difficult. This leads them to neglect the subject and when faced with examinations, homework meltdowns might occur.

Solution: Students should allow themselves more time particularly in difficult subjects. They should take mock-exams within time to test their abilities so that the particular subject does not pile up and create a meltdown.  

Problem: Students often do not re-study or refresh the more difficult subjects in their minds. This creates a memory-lag and the related anxiety of forgetting may lead to a meltdown before the exams or when homework piles up.

Solution: Memory should be refreshed very often by restudying the more difficult subjects in their respective time-slots. 

Problem: Students often overwork themselves and do not get enough sleep. Insomnia might result leading to more serious problems, which, in turn, might lead to a meltdown.

Solution: Students should always get a good night’s sleep or compensate for that sleep any other time of the day. There is no other alternative to sleep as it reinvigorates the mind and memory. 

Problem: Students often procrastinate on their work leading to an indefinite put-off until deadlines and homework pile up resulting in a meltdown. Procrastination alone might be the most important reason why an exam or homework meltdown occurs.

Solution: Procrastination should be dealt with by promising rewards to oneself when the work is done. Instead of enjoying the reward and putting-off the work, the student should promise himself/herself the reward until the work is done. 

Problem: Students and children often overeat or underfeed while studying: the result is either obesity or anorexia. Such diseases often lead to serious health-problems that might cause a meltdown.

Solution: Healthy and balanced snacks should be taken so that long-term problems and meltdowns do not occur. Balanced snacks and meals at intervals lead to a wholesome health that is not affected by extensive studies. 

Problem: Students often do not devote enough time each day to leisure activities. This leads to monotony that often leads to under-performance which, in turn, often leads to work piling up and a meltdown.

Solution: A part of each day, however small, should be given for leisure and related activities so that the mind can re-stimulate itself.

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