How to Avoid Procrastinating University Assignments?

Procrastination is the act of suspending essential things for later time. In other words, the practice of carrying out less important tasks in preference to urgent ones Procrastination is one of the biggest hurdles a university student needs to overcome while writing assignments. It is usually seen that you tend to do petty or unimportant things first and leave out the major tasks for the eleventh hour.  As a result, you have to rush through with your assignment and by the time you finish your paper, you do not have time to revise and proofread it carefully. If you want to secure high grades, you have to fight off procrastination.

how to stop procrastinating homework/assignment

Tips to stop procrastination

Time management is the antonym of procrastination. Without time management, your assignment can be a disaster. To avoid this:

  1. Set achievable goals
  2. Work on a daily basis
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute

To be precise, try to finish assignments well in advance and don’t take too long a break lest you forget.

  • Create a productive environment:

When you finally decide not to delay your work, find a suitable place where you can actually write. Your dorm room may not be the ideal place for productive writing. If you are going to use a laptop, you can go someplace else. However, avoid frustrating yourself by trying to write in an environment that does not make you comfortable.

Breaking down the assignment writing in small parts helps you write your paper with more enthusiasm. The day you get your paper, break it down in smallest possible chunks. This way you can concentrate specifically on the introduction or main body at one particular time. And this is how step by step your assignment will take a good shape.

We usually repress our feeling by saying how horrible it is to write an assignment. But if you change your attitude towards the task, it will definitely help you in the long run to prevent procrastination. Keep reminding yourself the positive sides of assignment writing.

If you are determined to stop procrastination then ask for supportive help from people you know. First thing you can do is to tell someone about your ideas and goals and ask them to evaluate your decisions. Secondly, you can ask a friend, relative or mentor to keep a check on your progress. Thirdly, ask someone who has experience in writing like center tutor or a current or former professor or teaching assistant to help you with your writing.

  • Make yourself accountable:

Set a writing deadline by yourself other than the paper’s due date by arranging an appointment at the writing center. If you make an appointment with writing center, you may be encouraged to finish your draft on mentioned date to make the appointment worthwhile.

If you practice the above mentioned tips, you can easily beat procrastination in university assignment writing. Remember, if you keep delaying your work, you may end up doing nothing.

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