How Many Pages Are You Expected To Write Based on Specific Word Counts

Maintaining an optimum word count in academic papers is often the most stressful task students have to do. Whether you are writing an essay or a dissertation, it is imperative to stick to the specified word count. The word count is provided for a reason. Think about it. Your professors want you to organise all the significant pieces of information related to the topic within that specified word count. It encourages you to fill your essay with valuable details instead of padding the essay with unnecessary and redundant information.

Students are usually asked to write essays within 1000, 1250, 2000 and 3000 words. It isn’t just about refining the research findings but also about the formatting. In fact, it’s a lot about formatting’s, such as spacing, font type and font size. Let’s dive into the details.

How many pages are 1000 words?

The number of pages you might need to write 1000 words differ on the basis of whether you are writing or typing essay. For instance, if you are writing the essay, it is expected to take four pages since handwritten words are generally larger than typed words. However, if you type the essay with 1.5 spacing, it is expected to take around three pages.

It also depends on the formatting factors like:

Let’s assume that you haven’t been specified the font type by your university. In that case, it is always better to stick to the standard fonts only. The standard fonts include Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial and Verdana. All these fonts can help you complete the essay within four pages.

The most commonly used font type and size are Times New Roman and 12, respectively. And the standard margin should be set at 1 inch all around the document. MLA and APA style guidelines set margins at 1 inch by default.

Maintaining the formatting factors as discussed above will help you complete the essay in four pages. Set the font type to Times New Roman and the font size to 12, and start typing.

How many pages are 1250 words?

High school and college essays are usually asked to write essays within 1250 words. If you are using single-spaced pages, this essay takes 2.5 pages. However, the same essay takes 4.6 pages if you use double-spaced. The latter is the most common format if you use Arial and Times New Roman along with 12 pt. Font size.

How many pages are 2000 words?

So, you have been asked to write essays within 2000 words. You can write a 2000-word essay in 4 pages if:

  • The paper is A4 size.
  • There’s a single spacing on the paper.
  • You use a font like Times New Roman.
  • The font size is 12pt.
  • The margin is set at 1 inch all around the paper.

You can complete the same essay within eight pages if you use A4 sized papers. You can, however, keep the features intact, as mentioned above.

How many pages are 3000 words?

Writing a 3000-word essay takes about six pages if you use an A4 paper that is single-spaced. The same essay takes about 12 pages if you use an A4 paper that is double-spaced. You must use normal margins of 1 inch all around the paper to maintain the word count within six pages. The other factors that you should maintain are a font size of 12 pt, font type of Times New Roman and Ariel.

How many pages do you need based on other word counts?

By now, you must have got some ideas related to the pages required to write essays within 1000, 1250, 2000 and 3000 words. But, what if you are asked to write some other academic paper based on different word counts? Let’s check out.

Word count Pages (Double spaced) Pages (Single spaced) Font size
300 1(1/3) pages 2/3 pages 12pt
500 2 pages 1 page 12pt
750 3 pages 1(1/2) pages 12pt
1500 6 pages 3 pages 12pt
2500 10 pages 5 pages 12pt
4000 16 pages 8 pages 12pt
7500 30 pages 15 pages 12pt

Table 1: Word counts and the number of pages to cover that word count

How To Make The Most Of Your Essay’s Word Count?

Most students find it hard to maintain a minimum word count in their essays. Some of you may tend to make your sentences wordier or use splitting contractions in an attempt to meet the minimum word count. Here are some effective strategies that can help you improve your writing without using any fillers.

Read your essay to look for a scope where you can use examples to get your message across conveniently. Relevant examples make your essay stronger.

  • Address multiple points of views

An essay is where you are free to discuss alternative viewpoints and how the different perspectives influence your topic. Also, you must state why you think your conclusions are superior.

You may often write sentences that won’t make sense even after you have used examples. That is when you can write simpler statements to clarify your complicated statements.

Hope, these three tips worked out for you. It is not easy to write 250 word essays and maintain a specific word count at the same time. But it isn’t that hard either. All you have to do is try or opt for a page count calculator.

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