How Digg can Help Market Your Business

Digg is a social news site that can help your blog grow leaps and bounds.  It is a popular social bookmarking (SBM) site. Several users describe it as an SBM site with a difference. The reason is Digg focuses on news aggregation. Its main aim is to choose news stories under various categories for Internet news audience. Its members are encouraged to ‘Digg’ news stories and even post relevant content that is based on current news affairs.

How Digg can Help Market Your Business

Top Benefits of Using Digg as a Business Marketing Tool?

Marketers can use Digg to update their relevant audience with their brand’s latest innovations and products. Such news updates like articles, press releases or other relevant contents on Digg can boost the online business marketing prospects of any company.

  1. Helps in search engine optimization:

As a matter of fact, social media platforms are the most reliable sources for search engines when it comes to discovering quality content. Also, a majority of social media sites today allow the users to vote for the content that they find interesting and informative. This further helps search engines to weed out unnecessary or useless content eventually improving your blogs search engine rankings.

  1. Drives traffic towards your website:

Using the right kind of keywords or keyword phrases, headings and descriptions, quality content and appropriate images can help appeal to your target audience. If people love what you share with them, then your blog will appear on the home page of Dig. This further helps in driving insane traffic towards your website, eventually increasing your followers.

  1. Enables blog improvement:

As mentioned above, Digg allows its users to vote the content posted by various bloggers or contributors. In addition to this, it also allows them to share their feedback. No matter whether the feedback is positive or negative, it helps improve the quality of your blog by letting you know how users perceive your content and website.

Clever Hacks To Make The Most Out Of Digg:

  1. 1. Create a profile that stands out from the crowd:

Creating a profile is the very first step when trying to leverage Digg. However, creating one just for the sake of doing it is not going to help. Make sure that your profile is informative. Add a photo along with a proper description and blog links. This helps people know more about you when they visit your bio.

  1. Be active on Digg:

Just making a profile on Digg is not enough. One needs to be active on this platform as well. Digg submissions from active users are more noticeable than the ones who post occasionally. So make sure that you are active, share meaningful posts, comment on others posts, reply to comments on your posts and make friends so that you are noticed and your work reaches to a larger audience.

  1. Make proper use of your keywords:

Keywords play an important role when it comes to Digg. Using them in an appropriate manner helps your blog to appear higher in search results when a visitors search for content on Digg. So, make sure that you choose your keywords wisely and use them appropriately in all your content, description, and titles.

  1. Make your content easier to consume:

Once someone opens up a link to your blog, it depends upon the quality of content whether he/she will stay or abandon your website. So, make it a point to keep your content as simple and consumable as possible. In order to make your content easy to consume, try to use lists, pictures and videos, short paragraphs, and proper formatting.

  1. Keep your content ad-free:

As a matter of fact, Digg users prefer websites that do not display any flashy ads and overt link requests. In addition to this, make these users also expect the websites that they are visiting to be user-friendly. So, assure that it is easy to subscribe to your email newsletter or RSS feed. Also, steer clear of marketing blunders like self-promotion or submitting and digging your own content.


  • An interesting example of Digg for business marketing is using the Vote and Comment features. The marketers flaunting a particular brand can utilize these Digg features on other people’s posts so that they do the same to their posts, leading to mutual advertisement.
  • Another way to market your business on Digg is to use the friend-making option. Marketers make friends on Digg with those who can relate to their brand profile. When they submit a story or information update on Digg, they invite their friends to Digg it or to put simply, read it.

Textbooks on Digg:

If marketers need to convey their brand updates in the form of online news to prospective customers, they need to master the usage of Digg site. Here are some textbooks they can refer to:

  • Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth: How to Use Social Media, Measure Marketing, and Create a Culture of Execution by Monique Reece (Published by Pearson Education – Year 2010).
  • Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging by John Cass (Published by Routledge – Year 2007).

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