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Most search engine optimizers must have used the social bookmarking (SBM) site, Folkd. This SBM site encourages its members to save and share their favorite bookmarks online with family and friends. Despite the presence of so many SBM sites, Folkd is fast becoming the most active social bookmarking site across the globe.

Business with Folkd

How Folkd can be used as a business marketing tool?

Apart from SEO professionals, now even online social media marketers can use Folkd to publicize their brand among a wide and relevant Internet surfing audience. Besides Delicious and StumbleUpon, Folkd is one of the most visited and tracked SBM sites by search engine bots like Google. Going for business marketing on Folkd can boost a brand’s search engine results faster and attract relevant audience through its communities.


  1. An interesting example of Folkd for business marketing is the utilization of its link post feature. Marketers post plain text or links directed to their sites and blogs on Folkd. They further post their site links with related metadata text. Such postings on Folkd boost the brand names as they start showing on search engine results within a few weeks or months.
  2. Another way to resort to Folkd for marketing is using its member interaction feature. Marketers make online friendship with other Folkd members and then start voting on each others’ posts. They even visit the links to popularize each other’s brands.

Textbooks on Folkd

If marketers want to learn the basics of social bookmarking sites for online business marketing, they need to know more about Folkd. For this, they can refer to the following books:

  • The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success by Marty Weintraub and Lauren Litwinka (Published by John Wiley & Sons – Year 2013).
  • Success Secrets for Social Bookmarking by ePubYourBook

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