Fun Task Ahead: 13 Hacks to Make Essay Writing a Pure Pleasure

Let’s begin with a possible (and highly realistic) scenario of a morning after you’ve spent the previous night working on your essay.

7:00 AM. The alarm rings and you slowly slink out of bed, highly tempted to hit that snooze button and shut the world out. But the deadline is drawing closer, and you just have to finish that much-hated essay. You sit on your study table, still in your night robe, with a steaming cup of coffee and turn on your laptop. You take a look at your essay and think it’s treated you worse than a bad break-up. You start typing, not having even a wee bit of fun…

Make Essay Writing a Pure Pleasure

A dreadful sight, isn’t it? Surely, not how you want to end up. So how do you make the awfully monotonous task of writing an essay fun? Read on to unravel this secret…

1. Pinterest it

Who doesn’t like getting in on Pinterest? It’s a mine house of amazingly cool ideas and beautiful pictures. But did you know it can be helpful in completing your essay too? You’ll find some remarkable suggestions on Pinterest on how to make writing an essay the simplest task. And when something so easy, it’s bound to be fun right?

2. Spin a yarn

Your essay doesn’t have to be a colorless narrative of facts. Stop writing it in a flat tone. Think of your essay as a story that has to be told with you as the teller of the tale. Treat critics or situations you present in your paper as characters in your head that lead to the culmination of your fascinating anecdote. You can use some fancy words to breathe life into your essay in this regard. Although make sure they fit into the context and are not informal or slang expressions. Take inspiration from the writing style of some of your favorite writers and emulate their flair for words.

3. Have your own ritual

This is the secret some of the most successful writers on this planet religiously follow. This is what enables them to produce an outstanding work. Take a leaf from their book and do it the artist’s way. Writers have a daily ritual, and they just don’t sit on their computers all day long, churning out pages after pages. Start your own ritual. Pick a time of the day when your concentration level reaches its peak and choose that to write. Have a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite soda by you. Plug in your earphones and zone out if that helps. Stick to this daily ritual, and you’ll be enjoying your essay like never before.

4. Question yourself – Am I having fun yet?

This deep question can save your soul from boredom. Your subconscious will automatically give the correct answer. If it says no, ask your subconscious – ‘what can I do to make this fun?’ Just do what it says. This simple trick can bring your motivation back when you feel low.

5. Stop fretting

A worried person is having fun – said no one ever. The more you panic, the more disgusted you get at the sight of your essay and end up avoiding it. Its okay if your professor asked you to write a 2000-word essay and your interest in it fizzled out in 200 words. Add some fillers to your essay with the help of anecdotes, quotes, an infographic or maybe even a joke if your faculty would accept. Including these in your essay not only make it a fun read but make your writing sessions enjoyable too.

6. Again question yourself – What do I like about my topic?

To know this, you’ll have to research a little bit first. Even if the topic as a whole seems like a snooze-fest to you, there’ll turn out that one slant of it that catches your fancy. Grab onto that stance and spill it out in your essay. Forget about writing what your professor wants. Write what you want. Your teachers are constantly looking for originality.

7. Netflix and chill

Now we don’t mean you literally do that. What we mean is make ample use of visual aids when writing your essay. Most students just refer to the reading list given by their teachers. This is what makes your essay appear as an uninteresting mammoth task. Watch as many documentaries as you can instead and take notes. To stay in the groove of your subject and yet take a break, watch related TV shows. For example, if you’re writing a physics paper, listen to the witty one-liners of Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory. If it’s a history essay, tune-in to Game of Thrones and enjoy. This way, you never lose track of your topic and are still able to refresh your mind and give it a break.

8. Five unique sentences should do the trick

Don’t get overwhelmed by the supposed size of your essay. Start by just writing five sentences that form the core of your standard three-part essay. Once you have these sentences in place, all you have to do is back them up with sound matter, which is not that difficult since you know exactly what to look for. Now that’s one major tension off your head.

9. Create your own Facebook forum

Make a Facebook page or group and give it the title of your essay. Add in your friends, family, and faculty from school and have an open discussion about how you can progress with your assignment. Conduct debates too. Unique viewpoints can emerge from them. Keep posting your progress, putting up snippets or pictures of the work done and have them review it and provide feedback. Your boring school task is now a happening social media activity.

10. Begin in the middle of nowhere

Okay, not technically nowhere but in the middle of your essay. Think about it logically. How can you start introducing something you haven’t even written yet? Rationally, the introduction should be written at the end of your essay. This’ll take the pressure off you of coming up with a brilliant and engaging introduction right from the start. Besides, since you would’ve written the main body of your essay, it’ll also give you an idea of how to open your essay.

11. Change your workstation

Sitting at your desk all day long can be really uninspiring. Ideas, instead of coming to you will be getting out of you. Take your laptop with you to the park or your garden or terrace or the local monument and watch your mind fill with ideas you could never think of cramped in a room. A change of scenery can inspire even the most uninspired soul.

12. Use tools and apps

Are the complex formats and beyond comprehension referencing styles weighing you down? Or is editing yourself really not your forte? There are tons of apps and tools that can help you with formatting, referencing and editing. Tools like Hemingway Editor, Citation Machine, etc. are particularly helpful.

13. Write like a poet

This doesn’t mean you write in rhymes. Think blank verse and its joy-to-read language. The use of bland language can not only put of your assessor but can also tire you out and make you feel like you’re not writing anything substantial even though your points are meaningful. Here’s at an example of saying the same thing in two ways – one in a plain manner and the other in colorful language.

Plain version

The sky turned pink at sunset.

Vibrant version

As the sun sank slowly into the dark horizon, the sky acquired a pink tint like that of a maiden’s blushed cheeks.

Notice the difference between the two. Each of them is saying the same thing but in such starkly different ways. The comparison of the color of the sky to that of a woman blushing shows that you’re out of the box and combining two separate ideas to present a whole.

You can use all or a combination of these tips to make your essay writing session an enjoyable one. Remember that the kind of attitude you write with reflects in your work and affects your grades as a result. So it’s best to enjoy what you write rather than mope over it.

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