Four Best Methods of Business Communication

MBA students must know the methods of business communication as they play a vital role in winning the customers or clients’ trust and confidence. Effective communication is required in all sorts of business dealing. It provides the opportunity to not only communicate with external contacts but also with the employees within the organization.

In business communication, it does not necessarily mean that the management should be responsive when clients put up an enquiry. They should be active at feedbacks or solving problems arising inside and outside the business as well.

Best Methods of Business Communication

The methods of business communication

Business communication comprises of different types of communications. It is crucial to acquire comprehensive understanding of each method, so that the user can implement the specific etiquettes and standards in a specific situation. Here are various modes of business communication:

1. Electronic Communication:

This type of business communication encompasses different modes, right from authentic ways to modern ways. It includes e-mail, fax, teleconferencing and voicemail. 

  • Email – Email is the one of the dominant form of communications in most corporations. It provides quick and cheap service all over the world. It is convenient for the receiver and sender. The user can send documents and images as attachments.
  • Fax–Fax is a quick way to send and receive documents rather than via postal mail or courier service. It gives the user the opportunity to share important project details in printed form with the recipient.
  • Teleconferencing – Communicating through teleconferencing is a powerful for conducting business sessions when people are not able to join a meeting in person.
  • Video conferencing – It is similar to teleconferencing, but here the user can see people through the TV screen or computer monitor.

2. Verbal Communication:  

This type of communication is most used in business interactions. It provides the user the opportunity to speak directly. Through this mode, they can convey their saying to the employees. Oral communication can be responsible for resolving most the misunderstandings immediately. It includes face-to-face conversation which is the oldest form communication and still the most effective one. It is a two-way interaction. Both parties get a chance to make their points clearly, quickly and accurately.

3. Non-verbal Communication:

In non-verbal communication, body languages are used. It includes expressions, gestures and professional appearances.

4. Employment Communication:

This type of communication is used for employees, especially for accepting application for a job. For example, application letter, follow-up communication interviews and resumes.

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