Essay Writing Forecast: 7 Epic Trends Students Should Follow For Success

Final grades are out! And it is same as last time. Not satisfactory at all! But wait, this time, you were super careful while reading all requirements or even browsing journal articles in the research area. If that’s not enough, you revised your paper before going in for final submission. So what turned your essay down? Unfortunately, it is your lack of knowledge – lack of awareness about the emerging trends in essay writing. But we won’t blame you because academic writing hasn’t seen much progress in years. In the presence of internet, new trends have emerged in academic writing though. So being the students’ well-wisher, we consider it is our responsibility to make you aware of all the latest trends.

7 Latest Essay Writing Trends

We already made an academic writing forecast earlier this year. Now this time, we will describe the latest trends that you must know to secure your desired grades. So here we will explain how to take advantage of each of these trends in the coming year. Ready? Embrace yourself in the biggest trends coming down the pike.

Emphasis On Creativity

Academic writing tests your creativity, but only in theories. From your point of view, essay writing is all about putting your opinions on the paper in the light of the existing theories. There’s little scope for creativity and innovation. But according to the latest trend in academic writing, professors want to see more creative self of students. And essays are the best place to express that.  Examiners want to see how students can use the art of storytelling to share their stories and make their stance powerful. Many universities are encouraging their students to publish their stories or writing online. Appreciation can boost students’ confidence and help them take one step further towards becoming a good academic writers.

Replicate older papers

Writing needs inspiration. An essay writer searches for it everywhere. This is why students are instructed to read old essays. So that they have an idea how they might be able to contribute through their piece of academic writing. But sometimes, this trick fails to show its full potential. As an alternative, many students are asked to replicate older essays. This trend is set to continue in various colleges and universities. Many professors think it is a great way to teach students about basic essay writing and research skills. In fact, many even instruct their students to replicate old essays and extend the argument presented in the paper. It undoubtedly helps the students in collecting and analyzing data, and develops other basic skills for essay writing in them. Finally, they learn to be a better essay writer by not doing what they have observed in those papers.

No Categorization Of Academic Topics

Now, there doesn’t exist any difference in academic and non-academic topic. Professors are interested in seeing what fascinates or inspires students and how they explore them intellectually. Now you don’t need to think which is an appropriate topic and which is not. You can just choose anything that you think will align with your future academic studies or career. If not, only interest will do the work. Many professors have taken the initiative to give students the chance to pick essay topics of their choice. It potentially boosts the students’ interest in academic writing and inspires them to write essays or any academic papers.

More use of Technology

The internet has revolutionized the process of learning. Students are not bound by the four walls of the classroom. Applications like Skype have created a global platform for students so that they can share their knowledge in an easy and convenient manner. Technology has permeated each and every aspect of education, even in the assessment of students. Students are now expected to send their completed papers through emails rather than taking print-out of it. In addition, professors are coming with more innovative ideas to use technology that helps students to do well in essay writing. In order to master the presentation of writing, many universities have started a trend encouraging students to maintain a blog, write for online magazines, create videos, etc. They believe that students would learn the secret behind presenting research and arguments on the chosen topic.

Put Research Skills to Test

Many think writing the paper is the most crucial stage of essay writing. But if you look carefully, there’s a thin line between success and failure. And the final result greatly depends on the writer’s research skills. In order to do well, students should be well aware of all latest trends in academic researching. One of the fundamental that students must remember is checking the authenticity of the sources. Apart from it, as per new trends, students also need to make sure the source is updated, the piece is not biased, a lot of people trust this site. This is a lot of work. But it has to be done for the sake of the essay.

No Shame in Asking for Help

Can someone help me write my essay’ this question might pop into your head thousands of times when you have to complete an essay. But the most frustrating part is getting no reply against this query. The reason is, professors are engaged with million things in their hands. Peers are busy finding the answer to the question. However, many students come up with an alternative way. A new concept, the online academic assistance has changed the face of education. It has provided with required assistance in a feasible manner that helps students overcome all constraints. These writing companies are mainly dedicated to assisting students with their academic tasks. There are a few present on the internet which focus on providing essay writing help to students. So students are finding it as a more workable way to accomplish intimidating tasks like essays.

More Tools… More Accurate

Clearly error-free academic writing was a force to be reckoned in 2016. You would say, what’s new about? We all have to submit error-free essays in the end. But now the rules have become more stringent. The first grading criterion of any essay is it should be accurate and error-free. This is why many students have started taking help of tools like grammar checking software to eradicate all spelling and syntactical errors from the essay. Moreover, students also use fact checking tools in order to be doubly sure that the facts they have presented to readers is support by all authentic source. This has become a trend in students. They search for tools and applications that ease their way to completing an essay.

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