Decide What You Want From Your College Education

After 16 years of investment in education, did you ever assess what worth you received after completing your college years? Yes, it is true that a college degree can nearly double the lifetime earnings (according to US Census Studies). But is college education only circled around employment and earnings and nothing more?

what do you expect from college

We all know that our survival depends on the quality of the job we do, but this is not the single most parameter to weigh the worth of college education.There are other things too that make our lives worth living. Yes, doing job is a major part of your life, but you cannot ignore bigger responsibilities you have as a human being towards your family and loved ones.

Consider the case of a young man who was determined to shape his career in media industry. He worked beyond his strengths to get the deserved attention. But as time went by, he realized that the puzzle of his had not competed yet, there was still a piece missing. He had missed out the toddler years of his child as he was pinned down to his desk till late hours. So he decided what is best for him, he called it quits and joined a normal 9-5 company.

The story holds the secret that reflect the value of college education. Foremost is the realization of the fact who we really are and what we really want from our lives. Yes, college education prepares us for a job or career; it also develops us to gain requisite skills to compete successfully in the ever-changing unforgiving global market. But it also takes us on the right path to identify ourselves, finding our true capabilities through enormous practical exams.

College education has many perks like one becomes more marketable, more flexible with his job opening, has better number in saving accounts, more chances at promotion et al. But we human beings are emotional; we do not go by the statistics (yes, sometimes). There are many activities we engage in that have no statistical value like those above andfew of them like falling in love, keeping your loved ones happy, staying married, looking after kids and cooking, gardening, reading books etc. Education teaches us the true meaning of living; it prepares us of to live the life worth while. So education cannot be judged only by economic terms.

Yes, you do need a job to fulfill your necessities.But do not forget that you cannot calculate the value of education by dollars.

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