Balance of Nature and Everything about it

The theory of balance of nature dictates that it is mandatory to maintain a stable equilibrium in nature. A small change in any particular parameter set in motion by mankind or any other force will be corrected by some feedback which will be essentially negative. Our planet is inhabited by humans and animals alike. Aiming to attain balance in nature will ensure that we endeavour to make planet earth a stable place. At present, this quintessential balance is constantly disrupted by mankind’s adventurous endeavours. The time has come for all individuals to have enough knowledge about the concept, so that they can understand the importance of maintaining balance. If you are intrigued to know everything about the balance of nature, you must read this blog.

Balance of Nature

Definition of balance of nature

There are several balance of nature definitions that can be found. According to Collins Dictionary, it is the steady condition in which the natural communities of plants and animals exist, and this condition is sustained by competition, adjustment, and other interactions amongst the members of the communities and with their environment. states that the balance of nature is the population equilibrium in between the living forms and their atmosphere which has been acquired with the help of constant interaction and mutual dependence on each other.

To put is briefly, balance in an ecosystem is basically the equilibrium amongst human beings, animals, and other living forms and their concerned environment.

Human beings are the living form that possesses the highest thinking capacity among all other beings. So, we play the most important role in preserving this equilibrium in nature. It is crucial to keep this balance because it involves the environment’s stability, existence, and survival.

What is the definition of balance?

While we are talking about the balance of nature, it is important to know the meaning of the term ‘balance’. According to the Cambridge dictionary, balance is a state in which equal force or weight is possessed by different things. defines balance as the situation in which various elements of the correct or equal proportions exist.

The basic goal of ensuring balance is to keep everything stable and upright, which is exactly what we need to preserve nature. It is always better to keep any system in its natural state and not to disrupt it in any way.

How does Balance of Nature works?

Now that we know what nature’s balance is, it is time to learn about the way this balance is maintained by nature. Elements of nature contributes towards maintaining the balance in nature. Everything, starting from the soil, water, plants, and the living creatures work together to keep nature in a balanced state.

Maintaining the balance is essential to ensure uninterrupted survival of life. For example, due to a lack of nutrients, water or light in the soil, there will be no plants. Animals that eat plants will die, and once that happens, other carnivorous animals that rely on the herbivores will die. Every form of life is related to the other.

Wondering about the Balance of Nature Side Effects? Here’s what happens when the equilibrium is not maintained

If there is no balance in nature, the environment’s steadiness, existence, and survival will be jeopardised. Want to know about the consequences? Keep reading?

  • Stability– Due to an unbalanced ecology, the environment and the stability of its organism’s will be disturbed. Calamities like drought causing hunger, flood, windstorm, etc. will remove the favourable environment for living creatures to thrive and reproduce. Some human actions like excessive deforestation can cause these undesired changes in the climate.
  • Existence and survival- If nature does not maintain its equilibrium, it won’t be able to protect and provide the ideal atmosphere for the inhabitants of the Earth. Without a natural balance, there won’t be sufficient food for the living beings on earth. Thus, widespread starvation and death will prevail. The continuous existence of the living beings will get hampered due to an imbalance in nature. Gradually, all the species will stop to exist.

How to maintain the Balance of Nature?

As conscious beings, humans have to play a major role in maintaining the balance of nature. There are many ways in which we can help to maintain that balance:

  • Population control– Increasing population is a huge problem which disturbs the balance in nature. However, it is in our hands to keep the balance in check. Unlike the living creatures in nature, there is no predator to stop humans from overpopulating. Thus, in order to control population, it is required to take necessary steps in both the governmental level and the personal level. Natural resources will be consumed at a lesser rate if birth control measures are adopted by families.
  • Reprocess and reuse things- At an individual level, everybody can contribute to maintain the nature’s balance. You can recycle things in order to avert the overuse of natural resources. Using energy-saving vehicles and appliances will help in decreasing the use of coal. You can do your part by making others aware of the situation and encouraging them to sustain the balance in nature.
  • Natural resource management- Due to the overpopulation of mankind, the natural resources are exhausting very quickly. A loss of biodiversity is created by destructing the habitats of various species. The ecosystem can be in danger if a few species go extinct. Hence, it is our duty to make sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Conserving water- We all know that water is a very important element for living beings to continue their existence. The marine ecosystem loses its balance due to pollution and contamination of the water bodies. The use of agricultural fertiliser and contamination caused by the sewage’s dirt should be reduced to maintain the balance of the marine ecosystem.

Evidently, nature’s balance is a topic that everybody needs to focus on. By taking the necessary actions and making others aware of this issue, the balance of nature can be restored.

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