A to Z about writing a successful corporate strategy assignment

If you are a student pursuing business studies, then you must have to write assignments on business strategy. Considering the importance of a business strategy for an entrepreneur, you need to make sure that you master every trick involved in the process. To enhance your corporate strategy assignment, you must have a clear understanding of the organisation in question. Before you start working on the assignment, go through the vision, mission, and the objectives of the company. Doing corporate strategy assignment will help you to analyse all the aspects of the organisation.
A corporate strategy assignment should include a SWOT and PESTEL analysis. Along with a little assignment assistance from a senior, a professor or an assignment writing service, you can complete your corporate strategy assignment within the deadline.
Corporate Strategy Assignment Help
Here are the general components of a corporate strategy assignment.

  • Mission and vision of the company
  • Formulation of strategic plans
  • SWOT and PESTEL analysis
  • Implementation of the strategy in the organisation

Now, let us give you a better understanding of what should be included in the above sections of a corporate strategy assignment help.

  1. Mission, Vision and Objectives

The first part is the mission statement which reflects the mission of the organisation and how it achieves the same. To prove your point, gather information to support how the company has accomplished its mission at different points of time. Next is the vision statement in which you need to outline the future planning of the organisation and areas where it targets to operate in the near future.

  1. Factors that you need to consider while doing your corporate strategy assignment

There are various factors, and issues that are to be considered during the process of developing a suitable strategy for a business. There are factors that should be taken into consideration during the formulation to ensure the successful implementation of strategic plans:

  • Employee base – While formulating corporate strategy assignment, you must include the base of employees that the organisation has. Mention the departments and the strength of the company using valid data.
  • Financing – A corporate strategy assignment must give a proper analysis of the financial position of the organisation in question. You need to evaluate the accounting documents and files of the company and then come to conclusions, based on which you must formulate the strategic plans.
  1. Types of Corporate Strategic techniques that you can adopt in your assignment writing

There are various techniques that you can use for the assignment writing of a corporate strategy. Here are all the methods that would be best suitable for your corporate strategy assignment.

  1. SPACE analysis 

SPACE is an abbreviation for the Strategic Position and Action Evaluation of an organisation. In this technique, you need to analyse the industrial strength, the economic strength, the competitive advantage and the environmental stability of the company. You need to highlight the company’s ability to make a profit, how many new products the company developed and what are its future plans. To analyse the financial strength of the company, you need to provide valid data that reflects the inventory turnover, the capital requirement, the market share of the company, etc. You also need to cover information like the inflation rate and the price range of competitive products.

  1. Directional Policy matrices

Adopting the directional policy matrices for your corporate strategy assignment will help you if your topic is based on the products and services that the organisation deals in. In that case, you can analyse the policies and matrices of the company for future investments.

  1. Profit Impact of Market Share or PIMs

PIMs is basically the study of how the strategic business units of the company in question are performing. For a PIM approach, you need to provide statistically documented data to highlight the relationship between the key strategies and results of the business.

  1. SWOT analysis

If you need to develop your corporate strategy assignment based on the missions and achievements made by the company, then SWOT analysis is the best approach for it. For a SWOT analysis, you need to study the organisation’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in the business environment.

  • For the Strengths – To evaluate the strengths of the company you need to study the competitive advantage that the company has. You need to see whether the marketing capabilities of the organisation are effective enough.
  • For the Weaknesses – In the weaknesses section, you need to study the areas where the organisation needs to improve performance and efficiency. You need to check whether there are any shortcomings in the business models adopted by the company. Look for loopholes in the financial strategies of the company. You can also check whether the employees are able to deliver a good performance or not.
  • For the Opportunities – For the development and growth of the organisation, it is essential to capitalise on opportunities. So, in a corporate strategy assignment, you need to see the opportunities that the organisation has. You can also analyse the areas in which it has scope to branch out.
  • For the Threats – Every organisation has to face competition from other players in the market. Other than that, you can highlight what could happen to the company if a recession hits the market. You can provide information about the global competitors who pose a threat to the organisation and other local players. Highlighting the coping mechanism of the company in case it loses its existing clients in your corporate strategy assignment can help you achieve extra points too.
  1. PESTEL Analysis

In a PESTEL analysis, you need to monitor and evaluate the micro-environmental factors that influence the progress and development of the organisation in question. PESTEL is an abbreviation for political, economic, social, technological and environmental factors.

  • For Political – You can include changes in the government rules. Collect information about the laws regarding tax policies that the organisation falls under. Considering that collecting such intel about a company can be quite tricky, you can take help from a US assignment writing service who knows where to extract such data from.
  • For Economic – For this part, you need to study the economic growth rate, interest rate, inflation rates, and other economic factors that influence the organisation and its strategic planning.
  • For Social – Under the social heading of your assignment, you need to study factors like cultural trends, demographics, and the social values and beliefs of the company.
  • For Technological – For the technological aspect, you need to elucidate on the various kinds of technology that the company uses to provide effective service to the clients.  Mention the automated software and other performance management tool it uses.
  • For Environmental – If the organisation that your corporate strategy assignment is based on belongs to industries like manufacturing and tourism, then it becomes crucial that you mention the environmental laws that it needs to abide by. You can also specify the ecological hazards that the business is prone to.
  • For Legal – There are many laws that impact the functioning of a business. You can come to know whether the company has worked in accordance with the rules regarding safety standards, consumer laws and labour laws. You can also know if it performs its business operations as per health and safety measures.
  1. Analysis and mapping of stakeholders

If you are a student studying Finance, then this might be the best approach for you. You are already aware of the fact that stakeholders are crucial for any organisation. So, you can review the internal and external stakeholders of a company.
If your corporate strategy assignment is based on the stakeholder, then this is what you can include:

  • Direct stakeholders – The clients, employees, and shareholders should be the direct stakeholders of the company as they are involved in the day-to-day activities of the business.
  • Indirect stakeholders – Individuals/organisations and the government and associated groups who do not have a role in the daily activities of the business. They are indirect stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders mapping – Under this heading, you can write about the interests of the stakeholders and their involvement. You can opt for corporate strategy assignment help from US assignment writing services to find relevant individuals, groups and organisations and then analyse their interests.

Writing a corporate strategy assignment can be a tedious task altogether. Considering the many aspects that need looking into, a proper understanding of the entire process is essential. To bring out the strategic evaluation of a company, you need to conduct detailed research. And if you think the entire process is getting a little taxing for you, then you should opt for assignment assistance. With professional corporate strategy assignment help, you will be able to build a more compelling case that is sure to fetch you impressive grades.

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