A Quick Guide to Impromptu Speech

An impromptu speech is something that you do on the spot without taking any preparation.   The speaker will be given topics presented as an object, one-word abstract, proverb, or a quotation. Though it might feel like torture, it also reflects the qualities of an excellent communicator and leader.

A part of the leadership quality is how you tend to handle yourself when you are least prepared.  When you are in school, your teacher might have given you impromptu speech topics as homework.  This kind of task is assigned to students for developing their communication skills and preparing them to deal with any future life surprises.

It is important to introduce impromptu speeches in the curriculum of students as this will make them a more confident speaker. There will be many situations when you will be asked to deliver a speech without any warning or time to organise your thoughts.

Impromptu Speech Topics

We know what you might be thinking that it is easier said than done.  But if you need detailed guidance, you can consult experts from MyAssignmenthelp.com who have some really good tips that can help in preparing you for different impromptu speech topics. While you prepare for your impromptu speech, you might be missing out time for working on assignments. Take assistance from our writers who can help you write a well- researched assignment while you use your time with preparing for your impromptu speech.

How to Write a Good Impromptu Speech?

Delivering an impromptu presentation may seem like a scary situation. Many students fear public speaking. As the negative possibilities appear, their brain freezes and they start getting mumbling. It will be frightening for sure, but if you check the tips suggested by the experts from MyAssignmenthelp.com, you will easily be able to overcome this fear.

  • Maintain a proper speech structure

There were several structures for an impromptu speech. Consider using the FAT system.

F= Feeling

You need to share your emotions about the topic or the subject. Show your emotion, so it reflects in your speech.

A= Anecdote

Anecdotes are not just meant for making jokes. When your story is sounding funny and is related to the subject, it will seem perfect.

T= Tieback

After you are done with the story, you must keep in mind to link the story with the subject.

  • Practice giving your speech

Usually, it takes more than 3 weeks for preparing a good impromptu speech topic. The more you practice, the more you will become better. Practice in front of the mirror or with your friends.

  • Get speech on stage whenever you get an opportunity

If you want to become an expert in handling unexpected situations, you need to go on stage often. This will help in losing your fear.

Shift your thinking from the idea of failing and get a ‘can-do’ attitude. You need to put yourself into the listener’s shoes and try asking yourself “What can I expect as a listener?”

  • Don’t forget your humour

Humour can be a great addition to your impromptu speech topic.  You can make a joke about a situation but avoid overdoing it.

We hope the above tips help you prepare yourself for an impromptu speech in future. These were only a few of the tips, so if you want more exciting tips, you can consult our experts.

Wide range of Impromptu Speech Topic Ideas

Impromptu speeches are a great way to develop quick thinking and concise speaking.  You will only have a few minutes, which will last around 5 minutes for delivering an interesting impromptu speech. Below the experts from MyAssignmenthelp.com have shared 100+ impromptu speech topic ideas will help you practice.

  1. What according to you make someone a strong individual?
  2. How does colour affects people of how they feel?
  3. What according to you makes someone an average person?
  4. Why do you think children should not watch television?
  5. Do you think that Facebook makes society less happy?
  6. Do you think being vegetarian is a better option than eating meat?
  7. What is the biggest concern about your future?
  8. How do school uniforms remove individuality?
  9. What are the core qualities of an ideal villain?
  10. Give out pointers on a few skills that will help you start a business in future.
  11. When I grow up…
  12. What kind of superpower would you want to have?
  13. Laughter is the best medicine.
  14.  True wisdom comes from experience.
  15. Will technology save or destroy the world?
  16. Should parents be allowed to check the gender before giving birth?
  17. My worst job experience
  18. How animals are stress relievers?
  19. Best ways to avoid financial scams
  20. Why do you think on-campus crimes are on the rise?
  21. 3 things that made you fearless
  22. The advantages of being a man
  23. Ghosts you would like to meet
  24. Share something unusual about yourself.
  25. My favourite book
  26. How do team sports tend to build strong individuals
  27. What are the things you are grateful in life?
  28.  The biggest gift we can give to others?
  29. Can we always say to our bosses about what is in our mind?
  30. A few fun facts about women
  31. 10 strangest new year resolutions that you have heard
  32. 10 absolute pointless things that women have to change after getting married.
  33. 5 best fun games to play at the beach
  34. The best way to start a conversation with a stranger
  35. The economic growth of China
  36. The most important lesson of my life
  37. The best way to handle dissatisfied customers
  38. Best pranks you have played in your school life
  39. 5 top reasons why you were punished by your teacher in your school
  40. Top 10 excuses you have made for not going to the school
  41. Tips and tricks for saving money for college
  42. The biggest lie you have ever said to your parents or to your teacher
  43. Best ways to impress the boss
  44. Your favourite cartoon character
  45. How to overcome phobias?
  46. If I could time travel….
  47. What according to you is the worst household chore?
  48. Famous people who were fashion victim
  49. Love is overrated
  50. A trip to remember
  51. Whom do you admire the most?
  52. If I had a million dollars to give away
  53. 5 surprising facts that little people know about me
  54. The best part according to you of a parade
  55. How should you spend a rainy day?
  56. How are home assignments bad for your health?
  57. Why do you think Monday should be banned?
  58. What do you prefer- being a night owl or an early bird?
  59. Do you consider animal testing to be illegal?
  60. What should be healthy food choices for students?
  61. If I ruled the world…
  62. How compatibility also is important apart from having a good chemistry in a relationship?
  63. How to stress your best friend more?
  64. How to be successful in life?
  65. How to combat travel and freelancing?
  66. How to be a millionaire?
  67. Who become the best business leaders- introverts or the extroverts?
  68. How can you protect endangered animals?
  69.  How Facebook makes society less happy?
  70. Why should you not marry at an early age?
  71. What was the most awkward situation in your life?
  72. Describe an incident when you ran away from your home.
  73. Your funniest childhood memory
  74. How team building events are important for team motivation?
  75. Girls must be allowed in high school football teams
  76. How should one become a published writer?
  77. Is a glass half full and half empty?
  78. Importance of social media in marketing
  79. What makes humans so fascinated about the universe?
  80. The effect of reality shows on children
  81. What is meant to be “Normal” by society?
  82. If I were an animal, I would be a…
  83. Should Government allow smoking in public places?
  84. Why do most people tend to stereotype?
  85. Advice you would like to give to Rapunzel
  86. Should children watch less TV?
  87. Cities should be for people and not for cars.
  88. Do you think real learning happens outside the classroom?
  89.  The day you can never forget
  90. Review the last movie you saw
  91. What is your hidden talent?
  92. Share your opinion on distance learning misses the point of education.
  93. What is the appropriate age for a child to have a cell phone?
  94. Do you feel cursive writing do not have any importance today?
  95. Are paper books better than electronic books?
  96. How to overcome the fear of heights?
  97. If I were invisible for a day…
  98. How to deliver a smooth impromptu speech?
  99. Students must be encouraged to volunteer
  100. How exercising is important to have a healthy life?
  101. Grounding children for an entire day should be banned
  102. Mobile phones have created more gaps in families and friends
  103. Does technology live up to your expectation?
  104.  Something I wish I had done/started when I was younger.
  105. My personal mission statement is…

We hope the above impromptu speech topic ideas prepares you for all kind of public speaking events. Once you start practicing with these topics, you will slowly get the hang of it. You will definitely be able to master your public speaking skill.

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