7 Tips Straight From A Professor’s Desk For Your Diversity Management Strategy Assignment

Wracking your brains on how to go about that diversity management strategy assignment your professor asked you to? The hard truth is that only a professor’s expert tips can be of help at this moment, but its 2 am in the night, and you definitely cannot afford to wake him up at this ungodly hour and face his wrath. Even if you were to ask him tomorrow, all you’d get from him is a small smile and an unworthy advice of ‘read the prompt’ as if you haven’t done that already.

Diversity Management Strategy

Now this is turning out to be a harder challenge than you thought and you almost feel like giving up.

Well, our friend, have no fear because we are here.  And we’ve brought with us the secrets on assignment writing your professors never tell you. The diversity management assignment tips listed here have been used by these professors themselves when they were students. And now they have been recorded in this blog for you to follow.

Tip #1: You are expected to Introduce the concept in the First Paragraph

If you do not even talk about diversity management in your introduction, your whole essay can seem entirely pointless. This is because there’ll be no relation between what you’re trying to convey in the introduction and what you’re actually putting forward in the main body of your paper.

Hence, do not think it’s childish to explain the central theme of your essay. Just remember not to make use of immature language when describing it. Your language should be crisp and smart, just like the one your professor uses when he or she gives a lecture in class.

An example can be-

“Organizational diversity revolves around differences among employees regarding age, race, sex, class, ethnicity, education, physical health and religion. This kind of diversity can be fruitful for any organization as it brings along with it various ideas and thought-processes that can contribute to the overall growth and development of the company. In fact, most of the Fortune 500 firms have a very diverse work atmosphere. However, managing the diversity in an office can prove to be a challenge, which is why organizations must focus on coming up with viable strategies so that a healthy atmosphere, as well as constructive relationships, can be formed among fellow employees.”

Tip #2: Stick to the Prompt, yes; but be Different

While your professors want to be a stickler for rules, they also expect you to do something different each time within the boundaries of the rules they have set. For example, you can begin your introduction with a clipping of a recent research article or start with a witty yet meaningful quote on diversity. Some sample quotes you can begin with are-

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” – Malcolm Forbes 

“What we have to do… is to find a way to celebrate our diversity and debate our differences without fracturing our communities.” – Hillary Clinton  

“Our workforce and our entire economy are strongest when we embrace diversity to its fullest, and that means opening doors of opportunity to everyone and recognizing that the American Dream excludes no one.” – Thomas Perez

You can even include rich and informative diagrams such as pie charts, bar graphs, etc. to make it more interesting.

However, don’t break all the rules. Always answer only the question given, maintain the word count and do not make use of informal language.

Tip #3: Don’t use Wikipedia for your Diversity Management Assignment

Your professors never did this, so why should you? You can argue that in your professor’s time, they didn’t have the internet, but that is beyond the point. While the temptation may be immense, since Wikipedia can serve as a one-stop platform for all the data you need for your study, avoid this at all costs.  Your professors will cringe at the sight of a Wikipedia citation, and that will consequently affect your grades. However, you can use it to understand your topic better, although limit the usage of this tool to just that. Your professors want to see your views on diversity management, not the well-researched views of somebody else.

Tip #4: Focus on providing Accurate Data 

Before you move on to actually giving the strategies and after you’re done mentioning your thesis statement, mention certain facts and figures relevant to diversity management. You can present these stats in the form of a table or a graph chart. A diagrammatic representation will make it easier for your professor to understand the point you’re trying t put across. The statistics you mention should center on the importance of having these strategies. For example, you can pick up a Fortune 500 company and mention the break-up of diversity in that firm, using the data to your advantage in presenting the strategies you’ve come up with.

Tip #5: Proceed to Mention the Strategies 

Depending on the slant you have taken in your assignment, the strategies to be employed for diversity management can be divided into two categories- strategies the manager can employ and strategies the employees can adopt. Here we’ve listed possible strategies for both these categories for you to use them in your paper. Remember to keep your language direct and formal and your tone confident.

Tips for the manager/employers 

• Managers must avoid stereotyping – Even if the manager/employer has been born and brought up in a society where stereotypes are the norm, he must not fall prey to these clichés when making his decisions. In case, the manager still feels that he can get biased, he should call in a team of managers when taking vital decisions.

• Establish strong communication channels with employees – It is the duty of the management to ensure that their rules and regulations, procedures and policies, etc. are understood thoroughly by their employees. To achieve this purpose, employers must have all the important information available various languages including sign language. Symbols should be made use of as much as possible.

• Regular staff meetings must be held – By including their staff in the process of decision-making, employers can help in closing the gaps between the various members of the organization’s workforce. This meeting can not only help in the provision of fresh and bright ideas that can lead to the growth of the organization, but it can also enable the manager to address issues that employees face.

• Employees should be encouraged to work in diverse teams – This is another method through which tolerance can be promoted. Managers can form new teams on the basis of diversity so that employees get a chance to work with and adapt to various types of people. This will also give the team members an opportunity to discover their talents and strengths as a team.

• Maintain uniformity on objective criteria – Managers should treat all employees equally and not assign tasks based on their backgrounds. Instead, they should allot tasks to the different workers on the basis of their performance. Decisions based on personal issues should be avoided at all costs.

• Introduction of diversity training – Diversity training classes can be an effective tool in promoting tolerance as well as building a strong and unified team. Managers will benefit too as they’ll be better equipped to handle a diverse team.

• Following an open door – An open door policy can make employees feel more comfortable and cared for. This policy works by informing the staff that the management is interested in each person as an individual.

Tips for employees 

• Participate in surveys – Employees can participate in surveys that focus on diversity management and can even offer their suggestions to improve the atmosphere at work. Employees should be completely honest when engaging in such activities.

• Take part in diversity efforts taken by the management – Harmony in diversity can only be achieved if the employees to are willing to be a part of the efforts made by the organization to this end. The willingness and enthusiasm on the part of employees can make a big difference.

• Make efforts to learn about different cultures – Acceptance only comes with knowledge. Therefore, it’s important for the staff to participate in self-educating programs wherein they can learn about the different cultures at their workplace. They can begin by asking their coworkers.

• Be more supportive of coworkers – Instead of taking the usual approach of treating fellow workers the way they do, employees should change their perspective and treat their coworkers as they would want to be treated. They should also be more supportive of each other’s ideas and decisions.

You can use the above pointers as a sample regarding language and presentation. You can also include them in your article; just don’t forget to elaborate up on them. Also, include data where you can as evidence for your points. Needless to say, do not plagiarize and include only those points which you can back up with your personal arguments.

Tip #6: Get your Assignment read by Three People

Tip number 6 is probably the most interesting one. While this might strike you as odd, getting it reviewed by three other people can offer new perspectives, which can help in enriching your paper. So who are the three people in question? A friend, your professor and professional of the industry. If you can’t find the third one amongst your contact list, you can always ask assignment solutions agency to help you out. Take their criticism positively and incorporate the changes you deem appropriate and in keeping with your thought process.

Tip #7: Edit First, Proofread Later

After you’re done with the entire assignment, take a break for a day and don’t even bother touching it. The next day, start going through your diversity management strategies assignment. One cursory read is not enough. Read it 2-3 times over the course of the next few days and edit it. Editing with a fresh mind can help you polish your paper to perfection.

After you’re done editing, give it another careful reading to detect any spelling errors in your assignment. Correct them if there are any and check if your name and all other details are in order. At this stage, also check your assignment to see whether the referencing is in order. And now you’re done.

These tips can help you craft an assignment that your professor can’t help but give an A grade to. Needless to say, you should keep the basic elements of assignment writing in mind as well such as following a concrete structure, doing adequate research, perfect grammar, etc.

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