7 Easy Tricks to Learn English

Every one of us cherish wonderful memories like when we first learnt to ride the bicycle. Learning something new is always exciting and fills our heart with enormous joy and exhilaration. Learning a new language is also equally exciting.

English, one of the most popular languages, has its profound influence in every part of the world. In most of the non-English speaking countries, English is the most preferred second language. From the students who aspire to study in reputed colleges of UK, USA and Australia to the management professionals, everyone is keen to learn English. If you are interested too, you need to follow a simple procedure.

Many people ask why learning English is so important. Well, it has a simple answer. Knowing English will make you bilingual and accordingly it will make you more employable in the most advanced economies of the world. Different people follow different ways to learn. Some are auditory learners while some learn visually. Here we present the list of the easiest procedures to learn English. All the methods discussed here are successfully tested and adopted in various coaching institutes of the world.

1. Use the media

In the age of the internet, almost every one of us can access different English programs. Watch your favorite shows in English. In the English channels or in the internet, you can find a variety of content, from sports to cartoons. Watch them with a cautious ear! Yes, in the initial stages, you may find it hard to follow but gradually you will understand.

You can also download the English versions of the popular or your favorite shows. Also you can find many videos or films with sub-titles. Try to follow them equally. Media has been certified as an excellent medium to communicate. It will definitely boost up your English skills.

2. Interacting with the English speakers

Regularly interacting in English language will develop your skills. If you have someone near you, may be your friend or a colleague, who is proficient in English, talk to him. If you do not have anyone close by, do not worry. Register yourself in the popular English chat services. You will definitely find someone who will not only interact with you in English but will also have the share the same opinion on a variety of subjects. Talking to them will increase your confidence and develop your writing skills. Considering the gigantic size of the virtual world, it provides a great platform to immerse oneself in writing English.

3. Work on your writing style

As your knowledge about English starts improving, try to focus on your writing. Different people have different writing styles. So, you can definitely write in your own way but be careful with the grammatical and spelling errors. You may choose to write about your favorite sporting activity, historical events or simply about your family.

As you improve your writing quality, your sense of English will gradually develop. Do not get afraid to make mistakes as these mistakes will help you to learn the language.

4. Read English Books

Every academician suggests that reading books increases the vocabulary, sharpens the language skills and develops the knowledge about the subject. So, make it a habit to read books regularly. Find the areas of your interest, be it fiction, biography, travel or entertainment and get yourself engrossed. Other than improving your English, these books will also intensify your knowledge and apprehension skills.

In order to improve your language skills further, you can memorize a chapter of the book and then write it down from your memory. You can also write the synopsis of the story line or note down your personal review. Gradually, you will realize that you are now able to recite English as proficiently as your native language.

5. Stop translating

Many learners have the habit of translating from their mother tongue. If you want to learn impeccable English, stop translating. Experts do not acknowledge the role of translation to learn English; rather various instances have proved that it leads the students in the wrong direction.

Every language is different and has its own uniqueness. Mere translating will dilute the essence of English and it also may change the meaning as a whole. If you want to write flawless English, THINK IN ENGLISH!

6. Keep a small notebook

Even a small notebook is competent enough to become a strong tool to develop your English language skills. While you are learning English, always keep a notebook with you. Write every important word or phrase you come across. Also note down the words which you did not understand. Later, find their meanings from the dictionary and try to incorporate those in your writing. Remember, each thing you learn is important and helps to improve your knowledge.

7. Keep trying and don’t give up

Last but not the least; always work on your language skills. The more you practice speaking, writing, listening and reading in English, the more you will learn to better yourself with each day. Always remember, even the best athletes practice each day. They spend hours after hours working hard on their weaknesses. Even if the athlete has earned the reputation of the best athlete of the world, it does not stop him/her from practicing more. So, today you will stammer but with practice you will be able to speak and write English fluently one day.

These are the seven most important guidelines to the students who are eager to learn English. Follow these guidelines chronologically to develop an impeccable knowledge of English.

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