6 Things Millennials Can Do Instead of Starting a Professional Career

Like many other soon-to-be-college-pass-outs, you are waiting for the moment to toss your graduation cap in the air. But you haven’t made up your mind as to what you are going to do after bidding adieu to your college? If you are still mulling over the options in hand, it is OK. Not everyone is ready to dive into the world of full-time employment. At least 49% of the U.S college grads prefer to remain unemployed. The reason being you have several options to explore. Let’s discuss!

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1. Grab Post-Grad Volunteer Opportunities

Prior to starting a serious career, many college students look for an opportunity where they can receive the chance to serve others, enhance their personal growth and explore different cultures/geographical locations in the process.

Top 5 Volunteering Opportunities –

No fee is required to participate in this program. Moreover, participants receive a stipend to cover their expenses and health issues. They also receive an educational award at the end.

It is a branch of US government that involves volunteers in international service projects. Like AmeriCorps, participants do not have to pay any participation fee, and receive a stipend to cover living, medical and travel expenses.

It provides graduates with year-long teaching opportunities in 15 countries. Like any volunteer program, volunteers receive a modest amount of stipend to cover their day-to-day expenses.

It operates education support programs in over 20 cities nationwide. Volunteers receive a stipend to cover their expenses and get an educational reward worth $5500 at the end for funding future educational endeavors or repaying loans.

  • The Student Conversation Association:

Volunteers work in critical environmental such as wildlife management, education, trail restoration and maintenance, environmental education and invasive species eradication. The volunteers receive a stipend, housing (in most cases), medical coverage for long-term projects and educational award at the end.

Volunteering opportunities come in different flavors with the main difference in area of functioning and benefits.

2. Go See the World

According to American Express Business’s results, millennials are the fastest growing age group when it comes to travel spending. They are twice in number compared to non-millennials, with 50 percent taking, at least, four leisure trips a year. Moreover, young people make up about 20 percent of all international travelers. So this can be a potential choice for you.

The month after your graduation is the best time for traveling before you start carving out a real professional career. But don’t forget that traveling can be expensive and without a certainty of a job when you come back, it can become difficult for you to sustain. So here we present you few cheap yet wonderful travel options.

7 Cheap Places You Can Visit After College Graduation –

#1 Southeast Asia:

Yes, the flights are pricey, but once you are in, the expenses are very low. According to TripAdvisor’s annual report, three of the international travel destination can be found in Southeast Asia – Vietnam (2nd), Thailand (6th) and Malaysia (7th).

#2 Iceland:

Accommodations are not super cheap, but when you hit the road, every jaw-dropping sight is free. All you need is a car, a good map, guidebook and some snacks.

#3 Nicaragua: 

Recently, it made its way into the Lonely Planet’s List of Best Travel Destinations. Since it is one of the closest travel destinations to Central America, travel is cheaper here. Besides, you can easily find a hotel with amenities for less than $30 a night.

#4 New Orleans:

New Orleans (nicknamed ‘Big Easy’) ranks 2nd in ‘Affordable North American Destinations’ in The Price of Travel’s Backpacker Index. Bourbon Street in New Orleans not just allows you to enjoy a great nightlife; it is also light on your wallet. Drinking and eating in New Orleans is cheaper than most of the major cities in U.S.

#5 Portugal:

In Portugal, mid-range hotels cost you an average $80 per night, which is 50 percent less than global average. If you find yourself a party-friendly hostel, it cuts down your cost even further. It is a great region for wine, where a bottle of wine costs you less than five Euros.

#6 Ireland:

This is not really a cheap destination, but with a little research you can always find the best deals and not get caught in the tourist traps.

#7 Bulgaria:

According to the Backpacker Index, Bulgaria is Europe’s third cheapest tourist city. But your travel fare can upset your budget because it is not an easy destination to reach.

3. Start Teaching Career Abroad

As nearly 1 billion people seek English language instructor, if you earn a TEFL certificate, you can gain employment as an English Teacher in 100 countries all around the world. Moreover, in some countries, English teachers receive benefits like free airfare, housing and a salary that enables you to pay student loans and enjoy extra traveling.

Top 5 Places for Teaching in World –

The list of reasons to live and teach in Spain are endless, you need to find yours. Each year Spanish Government recruits more than 1000 Americans in Spanish State schools. Thousands get teaching opportunity in various private language institutions too.

Suggested Program: CIEE

There are few reasons why you should visit Costa Rica: a relatively strong economy, huge tourism industry, high demand for English teachers being the major ones. You will enjoy a great Latin American experience.

Suggested Program: EVOLC

If you want to experience a bit of colonial charm in a third world country, Vietnam is the best place to be. A teaching job here offers you a handsome salary with low cost of living that enables you to save for travelling too. Also, not to forget the professional experience!

Suggested Program: ILA Vietnam

This South American country is noted for its high-demanding job market for English teachers. If you want to learn Spanish, Chile Ministry of Education offers a facility that enables you to stay with the local families and learn the language fast. There are many opportunities available in the private sector as well.

Suggested Program: English Opens Doors

For a milllenial who has just completed his/her graduation, Turkey can be a place for exploration. Not only did Istanbul recently found a place in Lonely Planet list as the ‘World’s Hippiest Place’, but the job market here is prospective too. You can line up a job here even before your graduation.

Suggested Program: Ukla Academy

  1. Find a Part-time Job

If you are not ready to commit to full-time job, you can take up a part-time or freelance job. The key to finding a part-time job is to look for high-quality positions with a flexible schedule. Before you take up work-from-home job, you need to check the source very carefully because there are a lot of scams in work-from-home jobs. So be careful. Here we present a list of part-time jobs that will pay well.

7 High Paying Part-time Job for College Graduates –

#1 Writer

Work as a freelancer if you possess good writing and editing skills, as well as ability to perform under deadlines.

Pay: Up to $55/hour

#2 Content Editor

If you are good at editing and proofreading, this can be a good choice where you have to work with a style sheet and ensure accurate grammar.

Pay: Up to $40/hour

#3 Online Researcher

Online researchers help professionals in researching, delivering high-quality answers to clients and personalized explanations. You need good general knowledge and expertise in few areas.

Pay: Up to $37/hour

#4 Grant Analyst:

You may need one-year prior experience to join this job because it needs a lot of reviewing and paperwork in order to submit funding requests.

Pay: Up to $32/hour

#5 Non-profit Charity Fund Raiser:

You will be affiliated with the fund-raising activities and support the non-profit organization.

Pay: Up to $30/hour

#6 Social Media Assistant:

They are responsible for managing social media channels and assisting companies with content marketing.

Pay: Up to $21/hour

#7 Circulation Clerk:

You will be responsible for assisting library patrons and create positive experiences for visitors in the library. You need basic Microsoft Office knowledge and customer service for this job.

Pay: Up to $19/hour

5. Establish a Startup

A creative startup with only five employees can be your thing. If you have a wide range of skills to employ and ready to take the market heat, you can be an entrepreneur. Instead of getting hired, you can hire a few people for doing a little bit of everything.

In the world of uncertain economy, people are driving towards self-employment, especially the college grads who cannot find a suitable job according to their qualification. Here are the benefits of starting a new company after graduation,

  • You have the time and energy to devote fully to the venture

College students, who recently graduate, have more time to devote to a newly formed business than professionals. This allows graduates to immerse in the business environment without experiencing any adverse effects on their lives (like not giving proper time to spouse and kids).

  • You are fresh by many years in comparison to experienced entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs who have worked in corporate for many years regulate and govern the employees instead of letting them open, be creative and free. On the other hand, new graduates always feel enthusiastic, hopeful and excited about their venture.

  • Starting a company gifts you an incredible life and business experience

Even you fail to make it big, you will always cherish the experience of launching a business. You can’t understand how much blood, sweat and tears require in building a business. You will not understand the value of one customer before you acquire one. Your startup will make you learn what motivates employees and how they can be motivated. Regardless of where you will be in your life, no psychology or marketing book will teach you what you experienced personally in a startup.

6. Go for Higher Studies

After your graduation, you may want to continue your studies to pursue a higher level of qualification or another field of study. In this case, do not delay it too much (1-2 years gap is fine though). You need to figure out what category suits you the most. Every course in every university is different and every student wants different things. The chances of finding a perfect match among thousands can be a colossal challenge. So selecting the right course at the right university for you requires some research from your side.

How to go about choosing a perfect university?

Take location for instance, if you don’t want to be 100 miles away from your school, then universities on other side of the globe are out of your league. You need to focus on the names around your neighborhood. So there are few factors that you need to consider. Here we discuss few to enlighten you.

Location plays a huge role in determining right school, where do you want to go? Where do you feel comfortable? Do want to study under the shadow of Eiffel Tower? Or you feel more comfortable in your own home? College is not about education, it is also about the journey that you will cherish. So consider what type of location you hope to experience when you are exploring university.

Universities come in different sizes, and it is up to you, whether you want to go to a university that only allows enrollment of only 26 students or a university like Penn State that can enroll 30,000 or more. You need to ask yourself, do you prefer being in places where everybody knows you or prefer anonymity in a crowd?

You should always remember that not all universities are the same.

  • Do they have a specialty in one specific area or are they known for providing a broad education?
  • Do they advocate single sex education or co-ed?
  • Do they have a religious affiliation?
  • Are they private or public?

There are also few historical universities, Hispanic-serving institutions and universities with evening and part-time programs. A college brochure or guide typically carries this kind of information related to college characteristics.

This may be the first criteria on which you judge an institution. Not all universities carry the same price tag. The cost of the course depends on the nature of the course and the subject you are planning to pursue. Fortunately, most universities offer financial aid, grants and scholarships. Consider your individual talent outside the classroom like playing soccer, singing, playing musical instruments and many.

Public universities often offer much lower tuition fees for in-state students, but their tuition fees for out-state students are similar to private institutions. On the other hand, private institutions charge the same from everyone; they, however, offer privately funded scholarships that can potentially lower the charges. You need to consider everything before you settle on something.

You already know Oxford and Cambridge are world leaders, but do you know Sussex University has world’s best Chemistry department or Edinburgh is famous for linguistics? So when you are researching, do assess the overall ranking of the institution where you are planning to go to.

Every university has its own culture. The only way to explore whether the university culture is suitable for you is by going there when it’s open. Alternatively, you can read student reviews – first-hand accounts of what life is really like at that particular university.

So you have a bag full of options before you. Sure, you want a fantastic job, but maybe this is not the right time to get stressed on what your boss thinks about you. Your 20s can be more colorful if you meet someone interesting while traveling. It can be more intriguing if you start a venture on your own. So choose your option wisely.

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