5 Technologies That Changed Nursing Education Forever

Doctors no more use leeches to bleed illness out of the people. Yes, believe or not, more than 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, this ugly looking creature used to play a big role as a medicine. But thanks to the innovations in the medical sector, we don’t need to see leeches crawling down your body every time you get sick. Technology has successfully infiltrated the world as we know it and healthcare is certainly no different. Anyone working in the field of nursing for an extended period of time has witnessed literally a technological ‘invasion’. It has not only changed the face of the nursing, but also become the part of the intricate fabric of nursing curricula. And that was the purpose of penning down this blog – to inform our readers about the technologies that are impacting the educational settings of nursing.

  1. E-learning

E-learning/distance learning is one of the inevitable revolutions that has taken place in nursing education, and has indeed changed the traditional learning altogether. Now, most of the nursing training programs utilize video streaming and video conferencing to provide students theory course. Schools that have successfully utilized such technological advantages exhibit many characteristics such as on-site technology support, video conferencing studios or classrooms, internet protocol (IP) connection, instructional design support and re-emphasis on assembling more effective faculty to handle distance technology learning environment.

5 Technologies That Changed Nursing Education Forever

Note: It is true that not only nursing, but all advancing disciplines is now using e-learning in order to facilitate students a better learning experience. However, it is seen that nursing is putting this technology to better use than any other disciplines.

  1. Electronic records

Gone are the days of purchasing lecture notes (if you miss a day of class) typed on a typewriter and copied on the red paper so that the notes could not be copied. It does sound hectic. But now professors can disseminate information by using a simple app. And the notes will reach the entire class. Undoubtedly, the life was difficult when you had to wait days for test grades to be pasted on the notice board. Now the development of technology has made the process lightning fast. Within just a few hours, you can see the fate of the assessment. In those ‘ancient’ days, the library was the only source of information students used to have. But now the internet has presented limitless possibilities of acquiring information from varied sources.

  1. Simulation training combined with technology

According to a report of Institute of Medicine in U.S, ‘To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health Care System’, simulation training is acknowledged as one strategy that can be used to minimize the errors in clinical sector. This report stresses on the participation of health care organization and teaching institutions in the development and use of simulation for training novice practitioners, especially when new and potentially hazardous equipment has been introduced. With the advent of the technology, educators tend to include various computer-based learning programs in order to minimize the efforts of students as well as supervisors. This eases the process of learning complicated cases.

  1. Revolution in communication

This is not just in nursing, but all sectors have witnessed drastic changes the way we convey our messages. But nursing has got benefitted by it the most. The reason is its nature. Students have to have practical experience of cases. So they need to go through all previous cases. Overhead projectors were earlier used to demonstrate cases in front of the class. But in the early 1990s, nursing education incorporated powerpoint presentations by replacing the overhead projectors. Now data is stored in electronic devices such as mobile phone, computers and hard drives rather on white papers, which cost more. Pagers are not effective anymore, now smartphones have filled the gap.

  1. Internet accessibility

Students no more have take turns at computer in order to get information. Internet access via cell phone and tablet usage has changed the way we access medical information. Indeed, the advancement has made learning and delivering cases easier for students as they can Google every medical term condition and procedure instantly on their smartphones. If we look at the professional world of nursing, we can see how technological developments seem to be arising in lighting fast speed. Pressing a call button seems outdated now. Now patients can text their nurses at their will in the time of need. This certainly minimizes the time of responding to the situation and optimizes the outcomes.

The educational setting for practicing nursing has undergone rapid technological changes in past few years. Today, the use of technology in the healthcare sector is not an option anymore. Naturally, the need for professionals who are competent to work in the highly technological environment is on the rise.

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