5 Popular Myths about Oxbridge Admission Process

Few of the funniest things are rumored to happen during the admission process of Britain’s two oldest universities, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, collectively known as Oxbridge. On a serious note, thoughit remains a mystery to the applicants when they attempt to get into these medieval institutions by going through notoriously difficult interview process, these are nothing but myths.

5 Popular Myths about Oxbridge Admission Process

To debunk the false myths, University of Cambridge came out with a video depicting the admission process, while Oxford published a list of frequently asked questions by applicants to dispel their fears.

To what extent this questionnaire and video helped the applicants has not been tested yet, but a growing number of parents remain tormented by the fact that Oxbridge only favors elite and ‘toff’ candidates who have been shaped in private schools. This is one of the myths; this is one of the ‘mistaken beliefs’ that has got associated with the admission process of Oxbridge. The reality is you will meet people from all backgrounds here just like you would at any other university.

Here are five other common Oxbridge myths voiced by Oxbridge applicants.

Myth 1: A students got his place only because he left the room to show his nerve when he was asked by the interviewer, ‘What does courage mean to you?’

It seems like a perfect theatrical scene if you imagine it. But don’t you think it is near impossible to get the invitation letter from these big ticket universities just by leaving the room to demonstrate your courage rather than attempting to answer the question directed at you. So, never try this. Make a best effort to answer the question rather than doing something quirky.

Myth 2: At Teddy hall (St. Edmund Hall, Oxford) if student caches rugby ball thrown by a tutor while entering the interview room, he is assumed to get the place and if he throws it back he will certainly get the scholarship

It is evident that interview has only one purpose: to judge the students whether they have the capability and background knowledge to fit into the kind of teaching environment Oxbridge offers. Authentic sources inside Oxbridge confirm that rugby skills do not add any extra credits to the students.

Myth 3: Tutors ask students to eat peaches to see what they do with the seed

It’s a nightmare,isn’t it? Peaches areindeed difficult to eat without getting into a mess. But you can drop the concern as it is an only a rumor and has no real existence.There are 99 percent chances, you won’t be asked to do it. And for the remaining 1 percent, you can surely use the dustbin kept there.

Myth 4: Biology candidates are asked to indentify dead beetle in a box presented by the tutor

It is very obvious that these acclaimed universities will never grant admission without testing the subject skills of an applicant thoroughly. But do not believe that students will be pushed in front of the interviewers without any provided guidelines. You can be rest assured that you will be guided and prompted if you are struggling.

Myth 5: Oxbridge has stagnant life with an element of boredom

Let’s be honest with you, if you get into one of these eminent educational organizations, there would be times when jealousy would give rise when you see your mates partying up in London and Manchester while you are buried under the books at midnight. But it is not for eternity. Both Oxford and Cambridge are decorated with charming and old fashion English pubs and numerous nice cafes and restaurants to fit in all budgets.

Both these historic cities have healthy number of student theaters. There are innumerable balls, socials and theme nights organized by the universities where you can enjoy classic staple. So if someone told you that boredom rules the Oxbridge land, they actually are living in a bubble.

To conclude, we will say that if you are thinking of applying to Oxbridge, you must evaluate first whether you are capable of handling the environment you intend to get in. The key to getting into these institutionsis not by throwing rugby balls but demonstrating genuine interest in the subject you are applying for. Don’t worry about the social aspect, you will find your niche once you are there.

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