5 Minutes Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life For Better

One glance at the glitterati and you see happy faces of celebrities who are living life king-size. Beyonce is the exuberant queen of pop; Mark Zuckerberg is the social media linchpin, and Leonardo DiCaprio is churning out one blockbuster after another. They are where they want to be in life. But unfortunately, the rest of us are not in our happy place.

In the humdrum of daily life, you often get caught up in petty issues and forget to focus on how to make your life better. You let go of your passions just because you don’t have the time and are burdened with many responsibilities; distractions that take you far, far away from the things you love.

Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

But there’s a simple solution to all your woes. In fact, 5 minutes of your time shall do the trick. Yes, the magic pill of transforming your life is a mere 5-minute habit: telling your time what to do, when to do.

Simply put, creating a to-do list of your daily chores can make all the difference. Trust us; it only takes 5 minutes at the max. But it can give you the power to control your time and minimize its wastage; it can help you keep track of your goals, and above all, it can guarantee that you spend your time pursuing your passions. In short, it can transform your life for the better. Throw in a special activity or two in this list and you’ll see your life taking a positive turn. Here’s how you can harness this list’s true power:

1. Take Baby Steps Each Day

You may have a big goal coming up (like learning to play the piano or working on your dissertation), but you know it’s impossible to achieve that goal overnight. Here’s where your list can help you in reaching that target. Each day mention an action step in your list so that you get closer and closer to the finish line. Taking baby steps will also help you learn the nitty-gritty of your aim while teaching you the immensely valuable life-lesson of patience.

2. Put alike Tasks in One Cluster

All through the day, you will notice that you perform certain chores that are similar to each other and can be clubbed together. So when making your timetable for the next day, keep in mind to do all those tasks simultaneously that take place at the same location. You can save plenty of time this way and the movement from one activity to the next will be much smoother. You will find yourself seamlessly transitioning from task to task if all similar activities are grouped under one category and given a single broad time slot.

3. Calm your Nerves with a 5-minute Breathing Exercise

The stress of daily life can get to you even if you’re a stoic. If you’re a student, assignments can bog you down or even the simple monotony of daily life can get to you. The solution to this is a simple 5-minute breathing exercise. Just choose a relaxing spot, sit in a yoga posture and slowly close your eyes. At first, breathe in normally; then start by inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly. Doing this breathing exercise for just 5 minutes each day can alleviate all the stress from your body and help soothe your nerves.

4. Chalk Out Time for Things you Love doing

This is an essential part of planning your schedule. If you don’t set aside time for an activity you enjoy, your whole day can seem dull, and you can suffer from lack of motivation and unnecessary stress. So when making a plan, keep a small amount of time handy for doing anything you love doing. You can start out by keeping just 5 minutes of your day reserved for this activity. Practicing this daily will have a positive impact not only your life but also on the people around you as they’ll see a new and happier you.

5. Take up a New Habit

Yes, we know research shows that takes around 60 days to form a habit, but that doesn’t mean it’s late to start. And we’re not even asking you to do something big like learn how to build a space rocket. Keeping it simple is the core of this list and here too, you can start small. Is your book-shelf a mess? Start by cleaning small portions of it each day till being organized becomes your habit. Do this for each and every aspect of your life and you’ll feel things getting much simpler.

6. Be Interested

You spend most of your time trying to be interesting so that people would take notice of you. But stop a minute and ask yourself, what are you interested in? Instead of concentrating on improving your image in other’s eyes, try to improve yourself each day. You can do this by spending just 5 minutes of your time each day on reading up on something that caught your fancy. It can be a new term someone used in class, it can be the news or it can even be that weird looking lizard you saw in your garden the night before. Opening up yourself to your surroundings can be very enriching.

7. Prioritize

This 5-minute list does not only help you plan out your day, but it also helps you to prioritize. During the creation of your schedule, ensure that you’re spending adequate time on the crucial tasks. This way when you evaluate your productivity levels by analyzing your previous schedules, you’ll be able to see where all your time goes. If the maximum of your time is being wasted on tasks that are unimportant, take a step back and reschedule everything. Analyzing your timetable can even help you discover what your priorities are since you’ll be forced to dig deeper to know about the things that matter to you most each day of your life.

8. Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

As stressful and pressurizing as it may seem, deadlines have a significance and do not exist without a cause. A deadline is what pushes you to work extra hard to reach your target; it is what helps you discover your latent talents, and it is what makes you tackle and perform under pressure. For this reason, when you are writing down your timetable, put a time limit on each of the activities in your day. When you see you’ve finished your task in the specified amount of time, you’ll feel a certain sense of accomplishment. This will also save you from procrastination and make your more active and charged up all throughout the day.

However, if you find it difficult to stay within the deadlines, you can always make use of the Pomodoro technique. The method is pretty simple, and its purpose is to help increase your focus so that you can finish your task even before the allotted deadlines.

In this time management method, you set a timer for typically 25 minutes to complete the task at hand. If anything distracts you, you are supposed to write it down on a piece of paper but get have to get back to work immediately. Once you’re done with one cycle of your work, you can take a look at the list of the things that distracted and take a short two-minute break before commencing your next Pomodoro cycle. After you’ve finished four such cycles, you can take a long 15-20 minute break to relax. This greatly helps you to concentrate and makes time management much easier

9. Plan your Day and include a New Challenge

When making your list, don’t forget to add a new challenging task to it which you thought you just can’t do. This can be as simple as making an omelet or as complicated as solving that math problem, you’ve been stuck at for days. Take small steps. Like everything else on this list, you don’t have to devote more than 5 minutes of your time. In fact, on the first day, you can just practice cracking the egg right for those 5 minutes. Remember, every little step is progress.

10. Hit Snooze and Sleep just 5 minutes Longer

Waking up early in the morning is a dreaded task for most of us, especially for students as early morning lectures lure them into sweet trap of sleep. Show yourself some love and hit that snooze button. Sleep just five minutes extra as that can help you slowly and naturally transition from sleep mode to awake mode. Waking up with a start when the alarm rings can be disturbing for your body and can make you feel tired all day. Let your body adjust to waking up instead. This way, you’ll feel refreshed.

Making this simple 5-minutes-to-jot-down-list a part of your daily routine can have a truly life-transforming effect in so many ways. When you have control over your time, you can see life in a new light, focusing on all about it that’s genuinely important to you.

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