5 Emerging Trends of Academic Writing in 2017

“Stagnation is self-abdication.”  ― Ryan Talbot

It is believed that if you stay in the same place for too long, it makes you dead inside. Perfection becomes a distant dream if you fail to evolve with time. But professionals and students continue to live in stagnancy as it’s a popular belief that academic writing doesn’t witness frequent changes. The tone of academic writing usually is very formal, and the language and writing style straightforward. Creative styling is apparently unnecessary because academic writing is only about conveying the particulars and information. Minimalistic features are heightened in academic writing.

5 academic writing trends to watch in 2019

We all are aware of these facts, right? So was Tim Kaine.

Kaine, an English Major student at University of Oxford, wrote the assignment while maintaining a formal tone. He referred to proper facts and figures and mentioned the sources, and further did in-depth research which he thought was necessary for producing quality content. He even managed to submit the assignment before the speculated deadline. But when the final grades were announced, he was in for a shock; he had received C grade. So where did he miss out? The answer can be little confusing for many of us because when it comes to academic writing, we have a pre-conceived notion, and we follow the same trend for years.

But maybe it’s time now to change our style of assignment writing for good.

Some progressing drifts of academic writing have started coming into picture. With the onset of 2017, it’s expected that we are going to see some major transformation in the trend of academic writing. Read on to know some drastic changes which are likely to modify the way we perceive academic writing.

1. Being Informal

It might come as a shockwave to you. An informal tone is the new form that academic writing is adapting to. According to a study by scholar Ken Hyland (Chair of Applied Linguistics and Head of the Centre for Applied English Studies, The University of Hong Kong) on upcoming trends in academic writing, informality is expected to be one of the principal trends of this year. Now the question is how much informality will be allowed? This research assumes that a broad range of written domain is increasingly following an informal trend and academic writing is also following the development. Although at the end of the study, findings suggest that the degree informality depends on the context. The academic writing is adapting an informal tone but only by a small margin and also the range of simplicity depends on the discipline and features.

As English language is constantly evolving, it can be readily observed that a startling amount of simple language is getting accepted by regular English users. The trend is shifting just because informal language is easier to understand and it’s simpler to conceptualize anything in informal language. Obviously, if you are someone who loves classic literature then you can take the opportunity to decry the damage of the English literature. But we don’t need to see it in that way. Languages always undergo various changes and adapt new forms. Slangs don’t necessarily mean something bad; it’s just shortened words. And when it’s making the communication easier why not take a chance with adapting an informal tone?

2. Error-free Digital Writing

With the ever-increasing number of error checking software and platforms in the digital world, the age of error-free content is here. In 2017, the academic writing will see more development in the trend of technically correct writing. And experts are also expecting the amount of content on the internet to increase in 2017. The increasing number of error-free content on the internet will form a vast pool of quality material available on the web.

3. High Demand for Quality

If you have correctly followed the second point, then you already know that error-free content is all that matters now. Quality content is always in the trend, and 2017 is no exception. Due to immense competition and increase of professionalism, the writer will need to produce high quality assignment papers. As the error-free content is becoming more available on the internet, the academic writers need to provide high quality and well researched contents in order to sustain the competition.

4. Increasing Use of Deductive Reasoning

Academic writing is based on in-depth analysis. It also involves the process of breaking down ideas. It works toward increasing the understanding and conceptualization of vague ideas in a clearer way. Academic writers mainly use deductive reasoning and third person point of view while explaining any particular matter. The reason why writers need to take up the increased use of deductive reasoning is the rise in information and well written sources available on the internet.

5. Argumentative Writing

It can be easily assumed that with the upsurge of error-free content on the internet, students are going to demand something that will not be available on the web. Generating error-free writing is easy but producing a write-up with human touch can be tough. And writing assignment not always demands accumulation of facts and figures, but it also demands argument and logical presentation of facts which requires the perception of a human. With the increasing number of error-free contents, the demand for argumentative content will be on a rise and academic writers will be required to change their writing style by incorporating more argument in their writing to add that human factor.

When it comes to writing Academic Literature Projects, more Summaries and Paraphrasing need to be Included

Academic writing incorporates paraphrases and quotes. This one is always in trend, no matter what year it is. The summaries and explanations increase the credibility of the writing. Another important fact that is becoming more prominent with each passing year is the citation factor. Citing sources and authors’ names increase the credibility of the write-up. If academic writers are unable to track down the source, then he or she can mention about the author who has done some research on the topic.

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