200+ Controversial Topics For Every Noteworthy Debate & Essay

Interestingly, controversial topics are the primary step for debates or essay writing. Controversial college topics are suitable for debates because they evoke strong opinions. Choosing to speak on most controversial topics allows an individual to explore new avenues and develop critical thinking skills.

Researching and writing about controversial topics is a great way to hone your debate skills and challenge your worldview. Exploring various controversial topics will help you:

  • Look at things from the other perspective.
  • Build your ethics
  • Strengthen your emotional instincts, and
  • Become a clear-headed thinker

An individual who possesses strong critical thinking skills and can understand all aspects of a topic and argument has a better chance of effectively advocating his or her thoughts.

Controversial Topics

Though political discussion & debate topics are a good option for any debates and essay writing because they quickly draw readers’ or listeners’ attention, a writer or speaker must address controversial topics with care, respect, and sensitivity.

As mentioned earlier, finding the right topic from an endless list of controversial research topics is the most crucial step. Suppose you cannot come up with interesting controversial topics, worry not. This guide will give you a list of 200+ controversial topics you can use for essays or debates. So let’s get started.

What Is A Controversial Topic?

Controversial topics are questions or problems which creates a difference of opinion. In simple words, if you describe someone or something as contentious, it means the person or the event is subjected to intense argument or disagreement.

Most controversial topics range from political, social, and environmental to community issues that impact people locally, nationally or internationally.

List Of 200+ Interesting Controversial Topics For Students

Here, you will find a list of 200+ controversial topics that you can use for debate and essay writing. Good luck!

Controversial Political Debate Topics

  1. Why should dictatorship and monarchy be abolished?
  2. Should the US government ban the death penalty?
  3. Russia’s interference in the US presidential election
  4. Should political campaigns be organised on money borrowed by corporations?
  5. Limiting terms for US senators and representatives will cause more harm than good.
  6. There should be a monarchy in America. Agree or Disagree
  7. US Constitution a living document
  8. Compare the ancient Greek culture to contemporary culture.
  9. Democracy is the ideal form of government.
  10. Political leaders should be active on social platforms.
  11. Do wars bring any economic justification?
  12. Police should/should not be allowed to use lethal force.
  13. Gay couples should have the right to adopt
  14. Animals should have rights, like humans.
  15. Significance of the Paris Agreement in 2021
  16. Can the current Australian government ensure financial stability?
  17. Is Brexit a good idea? Yes or No. Why?
  18. Should countries follow stricter gun control?
  19. Should illegal immigrants receive citizenship on condition?
  20. Should the UK government legalise abortion?
  21. America should legalise doctor-assisted suicide.
  22. Governments worldwide should legalise recreational marijuana.
  23. Voting age should be reduced/increased.
  24. Should children be allowed to marry?
  25. The American government should legalise gambling.
  26. US-Iraq war wasn’t ethical.
  27. Why should the developed countries increase or decrease foreign aid?
  28. Should western countries continue to accept refugees?
  29. How to bring peace?
  30. Necessities of winning the war on terrorism
  31. Does politics suppress free speech?
  32. Supreme Court justices should/should not receive lifetime appointments.
  33. Our political leaders like Donald Trump bad for America and the world?
  34. The Supreme Court should ban negative political campaigning.
  35. Should the west countries build a border wall to stop illegal immigration?
  36. The Federal government is intrusive.
  37. Governments should declare stricter penalties for animal abuse.
  38. The intervention of the US army in Iraq
  39. Has slacktivism increased in contemporary society?
  40. Should the government outlaw use torture as part of interrogation?
  41. Should the president follow a set of ethics to govern a country?
  42. Developed countries should stay out of other country’s business.
  43. Illegal immigration has increased sexual exploitation cases.

Interesting Controversial Topics

  1. Should school students be drug tested?
  2. How young is too young for using mobile gadgets?
  3. Is the current generation filming too much?
  4. How much do you trust reviews?
  5. There should be no third gender.
  6. Homosexuals are against the Lord.
  7. Killing animals for survival is ethical.
  8. Destructive toys and war toys can have negative on children.
  9. Wealth has become necessary to survive.
  10. Fairy tales instigate wrong ideas of life.
  11. Male or female – which gender is superior?
  12. Are vampires immune to AIDS?
  13. Women are irrational and illogical.
  14. The current US government doesn’t promote equality.
  15. Britain should exit from the European Union.
  16. Everyone should have the right to keep weapons.
  17. How to deal with illegal immigrants?
  18. Is the preference for the English language over mother tongue justified?
  19. Online services have made human beings lazy.
  20. Education should be privatised.
  21. A college education is the only scope to land a good job.
  22. Social media is more of a curse than a boon.
  23. Parental support is crucial for children’s future planning.
  24. Can humans save or destroy nature with technology?
  25. Is the Covid19 vaccination answer to good health?
  26. Technological advances influence human behaviour.
  27. British history and its influence on the world
  28. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are disasters waiting to happen for children.
  29. Violent video games affect children’s mentality.
  30. Private schools offer a better education than public schools.
  31. Students should form their curricula at any academic level.
  32. Abortion is murder.
  33. Is human cloning ethical?
  34. Do performance-enhancing drugs improve human activity?
  35. Patriotism is threatening in the contemporary world.
  36. Relation of higher education with financial success
  37. Parents don’t treat their children fairly. Agree or disagree
  38. Religion does more harm than good to the humankind.
  39. Politics in religion
  40. Men are stronger than women.
  41. Companies should follow gender equality.
  42. Peer pressure is a good/bad thing.
  43. Reality television is harming morale.
  44. Public prayer compartmentalizes students in schools.

Controversial Laws Topics

  1. The government should implement stronger child pornography laws.
  2. Local problems your mayor should look into
  3. How would you spend budget surplus if you were the Governor?
  4. Is the use of military force justified?
  5. Our privacy vs national security
  6. Should the US government stop spying on its allies?
  7. How much do you trust your government?
  8. Do you support the Police Tactic of Stop-and-Frisk?
  9. Rich and famous people get off quickly when they break the law.
  10. Rich people should pay more taxes.
  11. Can banning illegal activities make the world a better place?
  12. Do you support politicians who threaten a shutdown?
  13.  Leaders have no moral obligations.
  14.  Great leaders should be extrovert.
  15. Ways to prevent mass shooting in future
  16.  Should students carry a gun for self-defence?
  17.  Should authorities permit guns on a college campus?
  18.  Would you feel safe around armed guards patrolling your campus?  
  19.  What is your idea of political freedom?
  20.  Do you support/oppose the Death Penalty?
  21.  Juvenile offenders should receive life sentences.
  22.  Is it okay by law for men and women to comment to each other on the street?
  23.  Do the laws favour women over men?
  24.  Equal rights for men and women. Is it a myth?
  25.  Fraternities promote misogyny
  26.  Is the General Data Protection Regulation necessary?

Controversial Research Paper Topics

  1.  Drug addicts need help or punishment.
  2. Can banning mobile devices improve productivity?
  3. Minorities right to freedom of speech and expression in the US is threatened.
  4.  Patriotism is a good/bad thing.
  5.  Social media is one of the root causes of depression in teenagers.
  6.  Why should the government raise minimum wages?
  7.  Why should children learn the ethics of different religions?
  8.  Children should not use smartphones without parental supervision.
  9.  Student loans are exploitative.
  10.  Is censorship justified?
  11.  Is animal testing justified?
  12.  Can parents refuse medical treatment for their wards?
  13.  Are we living in a dystopian society?
  14.  Parents should monitor children’s screen time.
  15. Do we need religion?
  16. People should follow one single religion.
  17. Can religious beliefs justify the aftermaths of wars?
  18.  Is Islamophobia the root cause of numerous religious conflicts worldwide?
  19.  People hurting other’s religious beliefs should be imprisoned.
  20.  Theism makes you crueller. Yes or No
  21.  People pray only when something terrible happens.
  22.  Religion studies should be a part of the academic curriculum.
  23.  Is God’s son real?
  24.  Can kids choose their religion without parental pressure?
  25.  Prostitutes should have their labour unions.
  26.  You cannot learn business leadership.
  27.  Teaching staff should receive higher salaries.
  28.  Youth should opt for physical labour jobs.
  29.  Colleges should encourage more males to become nurses, caretakers, and schoolteachers.
  30.  Babysitting requires appropriate certification.
  31.  Freelance jobs play a significant role in the labour market.
  32.  Talent is the supreme quality of an actor.
  33.  Psychological tests don’t help students find the right profession.
  34.  Students should trust their intuition while choosing a college major.
  35.  Should new couples take parenting courses for valid parenting licenses?
  36.  Stick and carrot motivation model doesn’t work.
  37.  Parents should try harder to become their kid’s role models.
  38.  Upbringing is crucial to becoming a good human being.
  39.  Nurturing plays an essential role in nature building.
  40.  Helicopter parents induce phobias in kids.
  41.  Parents should treat kids as independent personalities.
  42.  Homeschooling works when parents have sufficient time and proper skills.
  43.  Democratic parenting style brings the best outcomes.
  44.  Adopted kids should be aware of the truth.
  45.  Language environment helps in learning a foreign language on an advanced level.
  46.  English is the ideal language for international communication.
  47.  Bilingual education brings out the best.

Controversial College Topics

  1. Kids from bilingual families can master two languages.
  2.  Slang will soon make its place in the dictionaries.
  3.  Jokes give a fair idea about a person’s mindset.
  4.  Politically correct language is confusing.
  5.  Non-verbal communication is worth over a thousand words.
  6.  When you’ve mastered one language, it becomes easier to master new languages.
  7.  Understanding culture is vital for learning a new language.
  8.  Listening to classical music doesn’t make anyone outdated.
  9.  Cheating is addictive.
  10.  Men shouldn’t see the birth of their babies.
  11.  Barbie dolls are a bad influence on girls’ self-perception.
  12.  Smiling can help to stay positive in difficult situations.
  13.  Fairy tales should be rewritten – do you agree?
  14.  Violent video games can impact a child’s perception of reality.
  15.  Is Facebook good for socialising?
  16.   The student-teacher relationship is the key to student’s success.
  17.  Comparing yourself with others can obstruct self-development
  18.  Should parents allow kids to use social media before 16?
  19.  Do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter enhance communication skills?
  20.  Linkedin helps to build professional connections.
  21.  Can a social media profile help you find a job?
  22.  Google spoils us with easy search.
  23.  Is Internet addiction a thing?
  24.  Can social media cause depression?
  25.  Parents should/should not have access to their teenagers’ social media accounts.
  26.  Role of Twitter in political manipulation
  27.  Should Google protect users’ info from the government agencies?
  28.  How will the shift of textile industry to China impact the other countries?
  29.  Is globalisation a good idea?
  30.  Should countries stop investing in nuclear weapons?
  31.  The American government interferes into internal affairs of other nations.
  32.  Is the further enlargement of the European Union possible?
  33.  Developed countries should help poor African countries.
  34.  International trade is a mutually beneficial exchange.
  35.  Has the Fair Trade movement improved trading conditions?
  36.  How European currency benefits British firms?
  37.  Is homosexuality a genetic disorder?
  38.  Gay parades are for same-sex advertising relations and serve no other purpose.
  39.  Awareness about LGBT should be included in the academic curriculum.
  40.  Do the parents of gay kids need psychological counselling?
  41.  Transgender individuals need visibility in mass media.
  42.  Same-sex marriages have lower divorce rates
  43.  The legalisation of same-sex marriages worldwide
  44.  All large companies should hire people of different sexual orientations.
  45.  The number of gay people has increased over the last decade.
  46.  Homosexuality is a societal norm.

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