12 Awesome Reasons Why You’d Love To Keep A Diary

A 1990s teen…

Date: 22nd March 1995

Dear Diary,

It was my 16th birthday today, and mom and dad threw me the most beautiful party ever. All my friends were there, and Aunt Rachel came too. There was a big chocolate chip and cake that was shaped like the number 16, and I got some really cool birthday gifts. I can never forget this birthday. I feel so blessed!

A late 2000s teen…

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12 Reasons Why You’d Love To Keep A Diary

The times have indeed changed and keeping a diary has now turned into a lost form of art, its fossilized remains buried deep under the debris of your unused clothes and shoes at the bottom of your closet.

While the chronicling of the events of your life may have taken a shift from the good ol’ pen and paper to pictures posted on social media, there’s still an old-school charm that keeping a journal retains, which the cold age of technology just cannot beat. Besides, it has some amazing benefits too! Want to know which 12 reasons would make you want to keep a diary? Read on.

1. You can find clarity of thought in what you’ve written

You often go through times in life when everything seems wrong, and nothing feels right. You feel confused and lost and wonder if you could just find the answer in the clutter accumulated in your head. At times like these, writing your thoughts down in your journal can help you achieve that much-needed clarity. Once you’ve put down in words all that you feel and go through the written matter, the answers to all your problems will become clearer as your random thoughts would be organized in one single place and you’d no longer feel lost.

2. You can have your own incubator of ideas

You’re sitting at the coffee shop, and in a moment, a brilliant idea flashes your mind. You tell yourself you’ll go back home and think about it, but when you do get the time, the idea is all gone. Writing these excellent ideas down in your journal as and when you get them can help you build a collection of your bright schemes and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting them.

3. You can keep a record of any event in your life

Won the music competition in school? Or had a really bad fight with your best friend? No matter what the incidence may be, or what you’re going through in life presently, you can keep track of all these goings-on in your diary. The best part about recording these events in your journal is that you can go back to them and relive them at any moment you want to. You will also get a timed documentation of things that happened years ago, which you don’t even remember now. Amazing isn’t it?

4. You can be honest with yourself and be who you are

The pressures of fitting in among your peers can often make you withhold your real opinions and make you someone you’re not. The fear of being a social misfit is so strong that you forget to be honest with yourself. Here’s where your diary can help you. Your journal is not judging you when you speak out your mind and be who you are. It patiently listens to you and is there when you need it. You can jot down anything without being afraid.

5. You can vent out without being misunderstood

When you release your inner frustration and scream and shout in front of either your friends or family, you often run the risk of your emotions being misinterpreted as anger directed at them. But when you write down these seem feelings of disappointment in your journal; you’d only be understood rather than misconstrued. This is because you can scream in your diary and it won’t talk back. It’ll be there like a patient confidant, support, and guide.

6. You can tell it all – your deepest desires and darkest secrets

Some secrets are plain embarrassing and sharing them with someone is completely out of the question. You can list these secrets down in your diary and take them with you to the grave without anyone knowing a word. Your journal can also be a chronicler of all your dreams, right from the childhood dream of being a ballet dancer to the more mature dream of making it big in the world of journalism. You can even write little action plans in it that can help you fulfill these desires.

7. You can get smarter by keeping a diary

Yes, this is actually true! Studies have shown that the more you write, the sharper your brain gets since your analytical skills are significantly improved. This makes you smarter. You can even slow down your brain’s aging process if you keep a daily journal since you’ll be exercising your mind each day, keeping it fresh as a rose. What’s more, keeping a diary will also increase your memory power.

8. You can improve your writing skills

Maintaining a diary involves two things- the physical act of writing and expression of your emotions. Combine these two, and you have yourself the perfect formula for being a better writer. Since you’re indulging in daily writing, your style and vocabulary are bound to improve. Also, giving words to your inner feelings can help you express yourself better in writing.

9. You can learn from your successes and failures

Looking back at the hits and misses you’ve made can offer you a fresh perspective on life, which can help you in learning what worked for you and what didn’t. Your diary will give you knowledge and insight into how you tackled situations and you can use that information to your advantage for future circumstances.

10. You can be a better person

Maintaining a diary gives you the chance to reflect on yourself as a person. It’s a kind of meditation in the sense that it helps you to eliminate all the negativity stored inside you by writing it out and then gives you the chance to reflect on the causes of that negativity so that you can uproot it from your life. Your diary can also offer you the most honest assessment of yourself you’ll ever find. You can use this evaluation to work upon your flaws and be a better human being.

11. You can be more organized if you use it as a daily chore recorder

You can use your journal as a to-do list maker to help remind yourself of all the important tasks you need to carry out in a day. After the day is over, you can even scribble little tick marks and x-crosses against the chores you have done and the ones that are still pending. This way, when you start the next day, you’ll know exactly how to plan out your schedule and squeeze in time for the pending tasks. This daily recording of your activities will help you organize your day and your life in a better manner.

12. You can turn your journal into a scrapbook of memories

Memories fade. Even the best ones you’ve had become fuzzier as time passes by. But with the help of your diary, you can keep your memories as fresh as morning dew. Paste all the pictures you take on your diary and write little notes beside each, mentioning the date and a small fun anecdote behind the picture. Years later, when you open the book and take a stroll down memory lane, you’ll thank yourself for maintaining a diary that preserves the best moments of your wonder years.

Isn’t it amazing all the things that a diary can help you do? It’s okay if you’re not a big fan of pen and paper. You can always make use of a digital diary. We recommend you try out a few such as Penzu, Diaro, Flava, Day One and Journey. Whatever mode you choose (digital or traditional), you cannot deny the several benefits keeping a diary possesses.

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