100 Satirical Essay Topics

Are you muddling up while choosing a satirical essay topic?

It is quite obvious when you have infinite satire project ideas! Picking one from an inventory is difficult but selecting from a list of trendy topics is easier. So, here is the list of some conversant satire topics for your essay paper.  The themes are segregated in definite categories for you to identify your field of interest and subsequently, pick one for fun challenge!

A satirical piece of writing is meant to poke fun at a specific subject. If you check satirical essay examples, you can comprehend that the main motive of these topics is to make the audience giggle at your words. Writing a satirical essay is all about understanding your target audience and work the piece in a way that seems alluring to your readers.

A satirical essay clicks to readers mind if its introduction is hilarious! Unless you bind them with a hook statement, the readers may lose interest in the topic. So, where lays the trick?

How to Write a Satire Essay?

Find material that possesses a level of irony and compose it in a tempting way to hold your readers’ curiosity. While drafting, make sure the introductory paragraphs is quite attention-grabbing. The goal of writing the opening section is to proffer the readers with hints of fun elements that you are going to discuss in the body segment.

Keep it humorous and sarcastic to read but never open up completely!

  • You may get a little personal in the opening paragraph of your satirical essay. The purpose is to put forth your own spin and perspectives on the issue in a light mode.
  • Prepare an ice-breaking statement on the particular theme while keeping a satirical touch to it. You must not forget that the opening statement is the one going to trigger the reader’s interest.
  • Include a hint of the funny arguments that you are going to develop and establish in the main body section. Introducing the irony of the subject or the degree of its absurdness in beginning section is a clever idea to hold the audience.
  • A bit of interaction in the opening paragraphs is indeed important as it allows the readers to connect more with the piece of work. You must also maintain a transition while diving into the main body paragraphs.

A pull of persuasion is essential in your final draft and to keep this essence, your topic selection needs to be perfect. See through the following ideas on the satirical essay and choose that matches your choice of interest.

Satirical Essay Topics

Here you can find different satire topics listed under specific categories like politics, music, movies, college students and many more. Enjoy your ride through the varieties of fun elements!

Trending among college students:

  1. Social Media and US! – Coupling all the time
  2. Bullying in High Schools and Office Harassment – Are they similar?
  3. What has made college pregnancies a prominent topic for discussion?
  4. Do you think Facebook is the best place to find University Pals?
  5. Skype – A medium of communication among the students during Summer holidays
  6. Do you think Artificial Intelligence will replace the stereotypic college professors one day?
  7. What is your take on “study ensures better grades”?
  8. What is the underlying reason for anxiety and stress among the students?
  9. Know the funny methods of flunking in your exams
  10. Do you know the best time management policies while you are in school?

Satire ideas on sports:

  1. Can you expect Tiger Woods to win another Major?
  2. Soccer – one of the most popular sports today
  3. By far, which is the hardest record to break in sports?
  4. NFL is too soft on conclusion policies – What is your take on that?
  5. Why do you think Real Madrid is still the best football club in the world?
  6. FIFA World cup – Gushes of expectation on it
  7. Visual Assistant Referees – its impact on the world of football
  8. Between Lebron and Kobe, who has had a better basketball career?
  9. Do you think the World Sprinter Usain Bolt has retired too soon?
  10. The time has come for you to install important updates on your FIFA 2018 Xbox and PlayStation Game.

Film, Art and Music:

  1. How long can you wait for the first episode of Game of Thrones?
  2. Do you think TV is one of the best child-babysitting tools? Why?
  3. What is your spin on kim and Kanye marriage?
  4. In your wedding, whom will you invite for performing a song – Passenger or Ed Sheeran?
  5. According to you, which is the best rock band in recent days?
  6. Do you know listening to music is the best form of relaxation?
  7. According to you, which Hollywood actor had the best 2017?
  8. Do you think the superhero characters have a deep impact on Marvel?
  9. The world of music is slowly transforming due to ‘Naija’ beats and tunes
  10. What is your take on the recently released ‘Jurassic World’ Hollywood movie?

Government and Politics:

  1. What should we learn from the Gun Control Act?
  2. Why do you think people still have faith in our politicians?
  3. Can we really comfort terrorism through public participation?
  4. Do you know the underlying cause behind the resignation of South African President, Jacob Zuma?
  5. How will Brexit influence the trade in Eurasia?
  6. South African National Congress – What is its state?
  7. Can you suggest a simpler way to solve the immigration problem in the USA?
  8. Learn a few exciting ways to practice your voting rights
  9. What is the condition and impact of Trump presidency, so far?
  10. Media Freedom- Boon or Bane

Religion and Morality:

  1. As you approach the Easter season, what message you are expecting from the Pope?
  2. Divorce cases are increasing in today’s world! – can you track it?
  3. Can you specify a reason why even the strongest marriages break abruptly?
  4. Know these crucial reasons why it is important to pray on a daily basis
  5. Do you know whether Plastic Surgery is morally acceptable?
  6. How do advancements in science affect our religion?
  7. What problems did the Jews face during the 2nd World War?
  8. What is the impact of the war in the Middle East on the lives of Christians and Muslims?
  9. Muslims should respect the Holy City of Mecca – Why!
  10. How do you think Social Media has changed the worshipping of Christianity?

Favorite celebrities:

  1. Whom do you consider as the best footballer in the world?
  2. Dwayne Johnson – is he the best movie star in Hollywood right now?
  3. How was the performance of Chris Hemsworth in “Thor-Ragna-Rock?”
  4. Kendrick Lamar – the best Hip-Hop artist of 2017
  5. How is the life of president Barrack Obama at present?
  6. Ronaldo and Messi – The greatest rivalry in football history
  7. Bob Marley – the name inscribed in every song lover’s heart
  8. What is the current state of “One Direction?”
  9. Can we expect a new flick from Nicholas Sparks?
  10. Is Lebron James still the MVP of Basketball?

Environment and Nature:

  1. Do you think cutting down of trees damage the ozone layer?
  2. What are the simple methods to prevent soil erosion?
  3. How do the Middle East countries grow crops for food?
  4. Polythene bags are the significant factors for destroying our surroundings
  5. Refuse to brush your gums and teeth and you can counter Global Warming
  6. Is it ethical to compromise environmental policies for housing projects?
  7. Which are the most endangered species of the world?
  8. Imagine oil is becoming more essential than water
  9. United Nations Environmental Program – Its functions and impacts
  10. Do you know recycling is the best way to improve our environment?

Literature and Language:

  1. Are there any differences between Roman and Greek forms of literature?
  2. What lessons have you learnt from the story of Romeo and Juliet?
  3. What is the impact of music and art in our current literature?
  4. Can you judge the best works of Shakespeare?
  5. How can we promote our culture and beliefs through literature?
  6. How does literature changes with religion?
  7. Do you know social media has a strong impact on grammar and language?
  8. Can you track the use of language in “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe?
  9. How modern methods of language evolved from the traditional ones?
  10. Can you use literature to draw ending line to racism?


  1. Why do you think it is important for Women to stay fit always?
  2. It is always important to be kind to animals
  3. Do you think staying fit is more beneficial for men than women?
  4. Do you think the burial grounds are indeed overcrowded?
  5. Do you know how to sustain a healthy relationship?
  6. What are the actual problems that arise while facing the working class?
  7. What is your favorite daily chore?
  8. On your first date, follow these ways to embrace yourself
  9. Can you escape after criticizing your boss?
  10. Adhering to appointments is one of the best habits

Technology and Equipments:

  1. Do you think one-day robots can conquer human beings?
  2. How does computer and technology influence learning in today’s date?
  3. One-day artificial intelligence will replace human labor – what is your take on this?
  4. Do you think electric cars are better than petrol vehicles?
  5. In the world of education, what is the impact of co-browsing?
  6. How do new technologies help to fight cancer?
  7. Have you any idea that Plastic Surgery is now easier than before?
  8. Do you know the utilization of drones in enhancing security?
  9. Lives are changing due to Google – Do you know how?
  10. Communication is more convenient in today’s date due to technological advancements

For you next satirical essay, you must choose one from the above list. Research on the topic thoroughly before writing so that you do not face any counter concerning your arguments. Exaggerate your essay theme with irony, sarcasm, evidence and proficient language.

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