100 Inspiring Topics for Composing Cause & Effect Essays

“Every why hath a wherefore”

– William Shakespeare in The Comedy of Errors

Cause and effect essays explore precisely that – they look into the causes and carefully lay out the effects in a logical and straightforward manner. Analysing the reasons behind certain phenomena and the outcomes of the reasons, the cause and effect essays seek to discover the origins of why something happens the way it does. Cause and effect are quite a popular essay writing assignments for students in colleges and universities and is one of the most vital types of essays that you must know how to compose. At times, for a cause and effect essay, you will be required to identify and explore the causes while some will require you to analyse the effects of certain causes in great detail. But more often than not, you must find out the causes as well as delineate the effects in your essays. The cause and effect essays follow the logical pattern or thought process as shown below.

cause and effect essay topic

Suppose X is the phenomenon or the topic of your cause and effect essay. You will need to structure the essay based on the following rational grounds.

  • What were the reasons for X happening? – [identify the causes of the occurrence of X]
  • What were the outcomes of X? – [identify the effects of the occurrence of X]
  • What can further happen because of X? – [predict some feasible and logical outcomes of x]

Highlighting the reasons and the outcomes of the topic is thus the primary objective of a cause and effect essay. You can explore the causes and the effects of the phenomena in detail while composing the body of the essay. Expert essay writers and academic paper writers always suggest that you carefully examine the topic and do the background research before composing your cause and effect essays so you can be well informed about the topic beforehand that enables you to write one with relative ease. In fact, in case you find a topic for your cause and effect essay to be too tough to tame, you can always fall back on the stable guidance and knowledgeable expertise of the custom writers for all types of major essay help online and custom writing services that you may require for your academics.

Tips to write a cause and effect essay like a pro

You must all be familiar with the belief that everything that happens around us has its own share of consequences or effects. The outcomes of the causes and their relational dynamics are precisely what is explored in the cause and effect essays. According to the leading scholastic paper writing service providers, you must follow a logical plan and structure your cause and effect essay accordingly. To ensure that you get stellar grades for your cause and effect essay, go by the expert tips that we have prepared just for you. These tips will help you to plan, organise, compose and edit your essay to perfection and will be sure to impress your readers and professors alike.

Selecting an essay topic is the first step that you have to tick off your cause and effect essay checklist. While choosing the topic, carefully consider the scope of research and the detailing of arguments that come with it. Many ignore this very vital step and end up with an essay writing topic that is too broad for them to sum up within a five-paragraph essay structure. Keep in mind that an essay is not a research paper and only the most compelling of the arguments should make their way within the limited confinements of the essay word count. To avoid having to compose a half-baked cause and effect essay on a poorly chosen topic, you can consult the topics that we have compiled for you and pick one that piques your interest or frame one of your following the pattern we have provided.

Once you have selected your topic, conduct the research needed to write the cause and effect essay like a pro. Remember that every great piece of writing has many hours of research and background study behind it, and just as Rome was not built in a day, you too, will not be able to magically conjure an impressive essay from thin air in seconds. For a cause and effect that leaves a lasting impression, you will need to read up all that you can get your hands on about the topic that you choose for your essay. In addition to visiting libraries with your reading list, you can also keep an eye out for journals, magazines, newspapers, e-books, scholarly articles on the Internet, and the digital archives of your library to find information and fascinating statistics about the topic of your choice. The research that you conduct at this stage will form the base for your essay, so be sure to prepare the strong foundation of knowledge on the topic.

  • Brainstorm and prepare a list

Now that you have a world of information about the topic of your choice for the cause and effect essay, it is time to form the logical mainframe of the essay. In case you wish to compose the essay all by yourself without any professional guidance or cheap essay help from the scholastic solution providers online, this step is crucial in the composition of your cause and effect essay. Leading essay helpers and professional essay typers are of the opinion that in the brainstorming stage of composing your cause and effect essay, you must have a calm and composed mind to start it off. The list that you must prepare at the brainstorming stage will consist of all the causes and effects that you can find in relation to the topic. Do not pause to filter the list right at this stage. Instead, just jot down everything that comes to your mind, or you find as a result of your research. Neatly listing the causes and effects, you can later use this form the outline of your cause and effect essay.

The next step towards writing a fabulous cause and effect essay is creating an outline on which you can structure your essay. Composing the outline for your cause and effect essay starts with the list that you prepared at the brainstorming stage of essay writing. Take a close look at the list and identify three to four major causes and the resultants effects from the list that you prepared. Now, create another list, this time containing only the causes and effects that you choose to highlight in your essay that does justice to the topic of your choice. For the outline of your essay, enlist the causes in accordance with their effects in a logical order following rational stream of thought. As the outline is the biggest determining factor for the structure of your cause and effect essay, be careful to choose the most relevant ones from the list and keep an eye on the sequencing.

  • Write and organise your essay

At last, you have arrived at the stage where you compose your cause and effect essay. Following the five-paragraph essay format, you can go for an engaging hook or introduction for your essay, follow it up with succinctly detailed and elaborately illustrated arguments (the causes and their consequential effects), and finish with a conclusion that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your readers. While composing the cause and effect essay, be sure to frame the sentences in a way that makes your essay an interesting read. Instead of just stating the points as they are, introduce a lucid writing style with anecdotes, your take on the issue, or some fascinating facts and figures. As for delineating the causes and effects, the following are some pointers to keep in mind while composing the essay. You can use them in the sentences for discussing the causal relationships and their resultant effects in your cause and effect essays for more pronounced effect on your readers.

  • Cause pointers and words: Because, led to, causes, reasons for, so, due to, explanations, etc.
  • Effects pointers and words: As a result, thus, thanks to, therefore, consequently, then, resultantly, etc.

In the body of your essay, it is best to use transitional phrases and sentences that connect the paragraphs together and ensure a smooth flow of reading and logic throughout the essay. Try to use active verbs and sensory details that bring life to your essay. As for the conclusion, you should ideally close the essay by restating the thesis statement and validating it along with a call to further action to the readers.

A well-edited and thoroughly proofread essay always scores better brownie points with the readers and professors alike. Therefore, the revision for your cause and effect essay should be absolutely top-notch if you wish to score superb grades. There can be two ways that you take at the last stage of preparing an impressive cause and effect essay: do it yourself or take the assistance of the professional essay editors and certified essay proofreaders to revise your essay for you. Whichever way you choose to take, be sure to revise the essay multiple times for ensuring that there are no errors in it; for at the root of an essay that impresses lies great grammar, splendid use of vocabulary, and impeccable punctuation. Keeping an eye out for these three as well as factual and typographical errors, thus, cover all the bases for a successful revision process for your cause and effect essays to shine bright.

There go our expert tips for writing an engaging cause and effect essay. Now you can choose from the topics below or construct one according to your interests that help you compose a splendid cause and effect essay.

Topics for nailing that cause and effect essay

Choosing topics for cause and effect essays are easy and difficult at the same time. Since everything in this world happens for a reason or as an effect of some cause, you will think that choosing a topic is pretty easy as there is no dearth of options to pick from. However, it is not quite that in reality as narrowing topics from a broad spectrum of subjects, specialisations, areas of interest and disciplines is a tedious task indeed. To make your job a lot more easier so you do not have to fret over choosing a topic to impress your professors and for writing an impeccable cause and effect essay, the following is a massive collection of topics to choose from that you can consult and find one that fits your scholastic requirements to the T. Brace yourself, for here comes the vast compilation of 100 cause and effect topics that are sure to wow your professors and fetch you much-coveted brownie points.

  • Explain the causes and effects of global warming
  • Write about the impacts of smoking during pregnancy on the health of the mother and the child
  • What are the psychological causes and resultant effects of the compulsive lying disorder?
  • Name five primary causes of racism among the young adults of this generation
  • Write about the causes and effects of alcoholism and substance abuse in teenagers
  • Discuss the causes and effects of terrorism
  • Briefly discuss the causes and effects of the Big Bang
  • Discuss about the causes and effects of brand loyalty among customers
  • What are the causes and effects of communal riots?
  • Explain the major causes that lead people to become addicted to exercising
  • Discuss about the causes of online shopping making consumers spend more money
  • Name the primary causes for truancy and dropping out
  • Discuss the effects of weather on the mood and state of mind among people
  • Explain the positive and the negative effects of the advancements in technology in our lives
  • What are the major effects of feminism on a traditional family structure and the institution of marriage?
  • Name three primary causes of voter apathy
  • Explain the effects of smart and online learning among the students of the digitised age
  • Discuss about the lack of freedom of speech in democratic societies
  • Explain the most significant causes and effects of climate change all across the world
  • What are the causes and effects of depression in women?
  • Detail the causes and effects of animal species becoming endangered or extinct
  • What are the effects of online dating among the urban youth?
  • Generation gap: discuss the causes and effects
  • Explain the causal relationship between cramming and test scores
  • Discuss about the effects of learning a foreign language on the cognitive ability and memory of an individual
  • Explain the effects of the “throwing away” culture on the growth of solid waste around the world
  • Discuss the effects of a troubled family relationship and the tendency of delinquency among the teenagers
  • Name seven primary causes of a video game becoming popular with suitable examples
  • Discuss the primary causes of sibling rivalry
  • What are the causes and effects of unemployment among the youth?
  • Discuss the causes and effects of forest fires
  • Discuss the causes and effects of the Internet revolution in the digitised age
  • What are the causes and effects of water and air pollution?
  • Discuss the primary causes of allergic contractions among the elderly
  • Choose a significant event from the history of your nation and discuss the causes and the effects of the event
  • Delineate the reasons for the widespread effects of HIV/AIDS in the African countries
  • What are the causes and effects of volcanic eruptions?
  • Discuss about the impacts of sports on the society as a tool for promoting peace
  • Explain the impacts of a girl child’s relationship with her father in childhood on her relationship with men in later life
  • Discuss about the causes and effects of not getting children vaccinated
  • Write about the causes and effects of acid rain
  • Discuss the cause and effects of the rising popularity of fast food restaurant in your locality
  • Write about the effects of choosing to have an abortion on a heterogeneous relationship
  • What are the reasons for football and soccer becoming so popular among college goers?
  • Explain the causes and effects of the Singularity with special reference to the development of artificial intelligence
  • Why are more and more children becoming affected by the Autistic Spectrum Disorder?
  • Discuss the effects of long distance relationship on the millennial youngsters
  • Discuss the effects of fast food in giving rise to people with cancer
  • Explain the historical and political causes that led to Emile Durkheim propounding his theories on social studies
  • What are the major causes of children rebelling against their parents?
  • Explain the impacts of medical marijuana in treating patients affected by terminal diseases
  • Discuss about the impacts of the works of UNO on the political and administrative levels of the member countries
  • What are the long-lasting effects of excessive mobile phone usage?
  • Discuss about the impacts of social media on family relationships
  • What are the effects of the war in the Middle East on the lives of people from developed countries?
  • Explain a personal stigma or fear and give the reasons for its causes and the effects it has had on your personal life
  • Explain the impacts of the order of birth on the development of an individual’s personality and career
  • Discuss the impacts of domestic violence among children aged from 6 to 12
  • Write about the effects of learning to compose great academic pieces of writing on an individual’s personal life and professional career
  • What are the primary causes that lead to men becoming afraid or reluctant towards commitment
  • Explain the primary causes and the resultant effects of poverty in the developing nations of the world
  • Discuss about the effects of grandparents raising a child
  • What are the primary reasons for the rise of militant groups and violence in North Korea?
  • Explain the causes and effects of any two major mental illnesses with suitable examples
  • Discuss the causes of children who take part in co-curricular activities being more popular in the peer groups
  • What were the effects of the invention of the printing press?
  • Explain the effects of a study abroad program on the professional and personal life of an overseas student
  • Discuss about the effects of smoking with special focus on contracting lung and thorax cancer
  • What are the impacts of mass media in shaping biased opinions in the public about certain events and occurrences?
  • Discuss about the effects of drone attacks on the terrorists and civilians in a war zone
  • What are the effects of family vacations on family relationships?
  • Explain the causes and effects of a natural calamity like tsunami
  • Write about the major causes of homelessness
  • Name three major causes of the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11
  • Discuss about the effects of globalisation on the spread of diseases and epidemics
  • What are the effects that growing up with food insecurity has on a child’s socio- psychological upbringing?
  • Discuss the reasons for Google becoming the most popular search engine all across the world
  • Select a renowned non-profit organisation and discuss about its impacts on t tackling social problems it chooses to address
  • Explain the major reasons for patients choosing to opt for non-traditional medicine like herbal supplements over traditional medical therapies
  • Write about the widespread effects of smartphone technology and the Internet on the marketing strategies of global conglomerates
  • Discuss about the effects of inadequate or poor sanitation facilities in the women and children from developing nations of the world
  • What are the primary causes that disabled or specially-abled individuals are still looking for jobs and are one of the primary victims of unemployment all over the world?
  • Discuss about the effects of an inadequate health insurance on an individual’s health and social standing
  • Explain the effects of standardised testing on the dropout rates at schools
  • What were the major causes and effects of the Civil War?
  • Discuss the major causes behind people cheating on their relationships
  • Discuss about the effects of ADHD and dyslexia on a child’s cognitive framework
  • Discuss about the reasons of increasing interest in feminism in the 1960s and the 1970s
  • Name three causes that led to the formation of the League of Nations and explain the reasons why it fell through
  • What are the positive and negative effects of homeschooling on a child’s education and development of personality
  • What were the impacts of the World War II on people of Jewish origin?
  • Discuss five causes and effects of soil erosion
  • Write about the positive and negative effects of school uniforms
  • Discuss about the effects of colonialism on the perception of Great Britain about itself
  • What were the effects of the innate human curiosity in the discovery of new places?
  • Discuss about the causes and effects of bullying in schools
  • What are the primary causes and effects of immigration? Support your answer with suitable examples.
  • Name the main reasons that cause environmental disasters or catastrophes
  • What are the effects of longer school days on a school’s educational objectives and outcomes?
  • Delineate the primary reasons for drug wars in Colombia.

Having myriad topics for cause and effect essays covering many disciplines and areas of interest, the extensive list of essay topics will now come to your help to choose one that wows your professors. In case you do not find your topic listed here, you can always frame one as per your area of interest and compose a killer cause and effect essay based on that. Do not forget to take a look at the expert tips to compose perfect cause and effect essays that we have provided as a bonus with this blog. Spoiler alert: it contains one or two words about the perfect cause and effect essay structure as well. Gather all your writing acumen and focus – you can surely nail that cause and effect essay with the right amount of determination and deliberation for sure. Here is wishing you all the luck for your cause and effect essay! Godspeed.

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