10 Tricks to Increase Your Productivity by Wasting Time

Women in college ‘waste’ on an average 10 hours a day on their mobile phones, whereas men ‘waste’ nearly 8 hours a day, a study by Baylor University has revealed.

 As a college student you have 10 million things to fit in your life. No wonder you need some time to spend or to be precise, waste. Reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube or reading a book not related to your subject can be good options to ‘waste’ your time. But some career-minded people see them as distractions in the way of their goals. These people are wrong because they don’t know that few innovative ways of wasting time can push them forward in their career and prepare them for the ‘unexpected’ in the professional field. Let’s look at what these unique ways are:

Tricks to Increase Your Productivity

1. Go for breaks

In order to have the mental capacity to stay focused, you need to recharge your brain batteries. The best way to do it is by taking a break from your daily schedule. Few minutes break every hour can improve your mental accuracy, reduce fatigue, relieve joint and muscle pain and increase overall alertness. So take a break. Studies have unfurled the fact that taking regular break of 1.5–2 minutes every hour can increase the productivity of a worker.

Note: Two-minute break is not long, but it is enough to stand and stretch that supply oxygen to your brain.

2. Focus on single tasking

There are numerous studies that have proved the fact that multitasking makes you less capable. So pick one task at a time, execute it and then move on with another one. Believe or not constant emailing and text messaging cuts down 10 points from your IQ.

Note: Stay on that task until it is done. Turn off internet if it is not needed because it can distract you.

3. Take a nap

After a while your brain nerves start feeling weary, you lose your focus and concentration. And there is a void point waiting for you. But you can dodge the situation.


Simply by taking a 15-20 minutes power nap. It does wonders to your focus and productivity. Here is an evidence from NASA that reports that the pilots who were allowed to take short (45–50 minutes) naps improved their performance 34 percent and their alertness by 54 percent. So those who think sleeping is just a waste of time, think again.

Note: Taking 20 seconds break from gazing 20ft away can relieve your eyes strain symptoms. You can do it easily by sleeping.

4. Start thinking

Your brain allots you a particular amount of mental energy for a day. You need to spend it in a strategic way. Our brain always works, thinking most of the time. So do you need separate time for thinking? Oh yes, you do, especially for positive thinking. We all know that humans are born with default technology, negative thinking. But researchers tell us that positive thinking certainly improves our decision-making power. So try to think of the positives in everything that you do.

Note: In a high performance team, there is 6 to 1 ratio of positive and negative thinking.

5. Do daydreaming

It is not just for college or university students, we all are fascinated with daydreaming. Imagine whatever you want while keeping your eyes open and living in the world that attracts you most. Want to know how that is related to your productivity? Science has shown that different parts of our brain light up while daydreaming.

Note: Researchers have also demonstrated the fact that you can solve thorny problems by daydreaming. Hard to believe? Try it then.

6. Meditate

It sounds bizarre to you that you can improve your productivity by sitting alone. But it is true. Meditation is a simple and effective method. The benefits of meditation include increased blood circulation to your brain, better planning capacity, creativity and more. It is a pretty cool way to ‘waste’ your time.

Note: Regular meditation can increase your concentration power that leads to productivity.

7. Read a book

You may think why you picked up a book that has nothing to do with your work. You have reasons. When you choose a book to read that has no relation with your work or task, you are actually giving your brain the pleasure of enjoying free time from stress and thinking. So if you are reading a recent best-seller, you are giving your mind pure pleasure of relaxing.

Note: Studies have pointed the fact that those reading books especially fiction are better with interacting with people.  

8. Join drama group

Every college and university advertises a drama group and invites interested students to join in. For students who want to follow their dreams in this field, it is the best starting point. But those who don’t, there is something for them too. Making friend and getting help in your needed moment and building up bonds with others are few opportunities that you can nurture from drama classes.

Note: Let your creativity shine!

9. Take a ‘no-cellphone-walk’

Leave your iPhone, iPad, cellphone, tabs behind and head for a brisk walk. This is the best way to shake off your apathy and fatigue. If possible, walk little faster than usual, this will raise your heartbeat. Let the excitement and sense of freedom crawl up to your body and mind.

Note: Fresh air, sunshine and most importantly exercise will improve your blood flow, resulting in improved concentration, memory and performance.

10. Sit with a better posture

Postures increase productivity? Surprised? Yes, good postures boost your attention in a miraculous way. Science has proved that when you slouch down on chair or hunch over your computer, you start to feel unenthusiastic. Your energy drains away before you know it. But when you sit straight up, you are more likely to remember all positive things or even think of something positive in general. A study conducted by Columbia and Harvard Universities has revealed that those who have powerful (correct) posture felt more powerful and were in control and 45 percent more likely to take a risk.

Note: Sit back in your chair, straighten your back and don’t let your head fall forward even if you are wasting your time. This is the best way to increase productivity.

We all keep hearing this, ‘when you are not doing anything, you are actually wasting your time’. But this myth has been shattered because now we are more than allowed to ‘waste’ your time.

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