10 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking can be worrisome if you are insecure or an introvert by nature. Public speaking or effective communication skills are special abilities which decide the success and failure of a person in his/her various course of life. Often students with excellent public speaking skills and knowledge perform better than the students with a weak nerve. From impressing the examiner in the viva voice to guiding the boss and moving up the corporate ladder, you need strong and poised speaking abilities.

Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

But how can the students and aspiring professionals develop sturdy public speaking skills? Well! By simply following these effective tips:

1. Take the Assistance of Toastmasters

For those of you who don’t know, Toastmaster is a non-profit educational club which helps people to improve their verbal communication and public speaking skills (here is a sample on social and communication). Through its thousands of member-clubs in different countries, it provides comprehensive support and assistance to the people. It is one of the most effective and reliable medium to improve the public speaking skills. If you join Toastmasters, they will help you to prepare your own speech, improve your grammar and boost your confidence with frequent public extempore.

2. Join any Performing Arts

The field of performing arts includes singing, dancing, drama and even modeling. Select any of these expressive fields based on your personal inclination. Every form of performing arts requires a lot of confidence which in turn will refine your oratory skills. You will need to perform these activities in front of many people. At first, you may feel a little embarrassed but gradually it will help to quash all your nervousness.

3. Get a Tutor

It may seem to be a luxury but hiring a personal tutor can also help to boost your morale and effectively reduce the chances of stammering in public. But be sure that you spend money on experienced tutors who are credible enough. They can teach you how to organize your thoughts and prepare yourself before any formal engagement. Their guidance can also help you to control your nerves and add a bit of humor in the speech to make it intriguing for the audience.

4. Practice in front of the Mirror

It is the simplest of all but equally effective to improve the public speaking skills. You can always put on your best efforts without being embarrassed when you are alone. Start your practice in front of your bathroom mirror. Make a clear eye contact with yourself and try an extempore. You yourself will judge and motivate for performance each day. Gradually you will notice an improvement in your performance. Exercising it every day requires a very limited effort and time and the best part about it is, it does not involve any charges!

5. Know your Audience and Environment

Before any public speech, you need to understand who your audience is. You should have firm knowledge of what they want to hear and what are their expectations from you. In the opening lines, try to make a positive impression with a related example or an anecdote. Accordingly, the ambiance and environment also have huge importance. It is always a better idea to check out the location on your own before the event. It will help you to feel comfortable with your surroundings before you speak on your ‘D-day!’

6. Emphasize on your Strengths

Every public speaker, even the greatest politician has certain weaknesses of their own. It is all about how to overcome those infirmities by emphasizing on the strengths. Do not try something which you are not capable of executing. Focus on something on which you are best at and start working on it. Make your strengths mightier to cover up all your weaknesses. Some have a great sense of humor while some are good story tellers. Find out your area of dominance and work on it.

7. Be Attentive to your Appearance

Yes, you attire can be a potential confidence booster. When you have adorned a perfect and a tailor-made outfit, it solidifies your conviction and augments your credentials among the audience. Experts often say that “when you look great, you definitely feel great!” If it is a formal occasion try to know the dress code and accordingly select your attire. Always remember that initially the audience judges you on your appearance. So, always dress up in a way which will convey the best impression!

8. Interact with the Audience

You can start your public speaking with a relevant example or a story which will help to engage the audience. It will also make the speech communicative as you can give some time to the audience to present their opinion. You can also ask relevant questions to them if you have some active participants among the audience. It will also ease off the pressure from you as you can continue the rest of your speech quite comfortably and easily without losing your nerve.

9. Be yourself

Some people have the tendency to manipulate and exhibit a false image in front of the audience. Audience or the examining professors are extremely intelligent and experienced people and they can recognize these deplorable attempts. You should and always be genuine in front of the people and respond according to your choices and preferences. Keep an eye-contact and always tell the truth. Maintain a decent attitude throughout the engagement with a constant smile on your face.

10. Do not Take Additional Stress

Public speaking ability is not that hard as it seems! Avoid taking additional stress, follow stress management tips and believe in your abilities. Just do what is told and do not make any experiments. If you feel nervous before the public speech, try to calm your nerves by practicing deep breathing. Just draw a mental online of what you are going to say and make a point in your speech. Sometimes starting with a smile and a little comedy in the intervals can be very effective to settle your nerves.

These 10 effective tips will help everyone improve their public speaking skills. You yourself can experience the change. Applying these suggestions means that you will never lose your nerve even if you are standing in the most notable podium of your life!

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