10 Tips on How to Write an Assignment for College

Come spring and it is time to head to library and cull out those obscure tomes which your professor has suggested to read before taking on the assignment for his class. If you are one of those pupils who get a migraine just by the mention of the word ‘assignment’, you are not alone. An important part of the student life is assignment writing which brings with it endless worries, tensions and anxieties. However, when done correctly, such assignments can bring immense joy and rich rewards.

How to Write an Assignment for College

10 tricks to write your college assignment effectively

Master the art of assignment writing through few simple tips.

1. Start early, finish early

This advice might sound a bit didactic but we insist that the importance of time management cannot be overstated. Procrastination is just not a biblical sin but also an academic sin. If you really want to write a good academic assignment, then give its sometime. College professors typically allocate 3 to 4 weeks to write a college assignment. Make the most of it. A good way to avoid sloth is to prepare a timetable. A timetable helps you to make efficient use of the limited amount of time you have. If you have, say, 4 weeks to complete an assignment, then divide your time into the following way:

Week 1

  • This is the period when you should start thinking about your assignment.
  • Try to discuss the topic given with your friends, teachers and seniors.
  • Assimilate their ideas in order to come up with fresh ideas.

Week 2

  • Read up the books which the professor has assigned. Try to jot down the main points which you think are important.

Week 3

  • Write a pilot copy or a first draft and show it to someone who has enough knowledge on the subject
  • Make changes if necessary.

Week 4

  • The final week before submission should be dedicated to writing.
  • Stop reading any more stuff, as you might get confused.
  • Give a thorough reading of the final draft before submission. In this way, you would be able to come up with any errors that need rectification.


2. Study smart, not hard

Remember the old adage: Work hard to do well? Our take on this is that study smart to do well. The effort that you put must be concomitant to the yield that it begets. Do keep in mind the following tricks while doing your research.

  • Your college teacher might give you a bibliography lengthy enough to give a small stroke. Try to distinguish between the primary and secondary references. Primary references are those which are absolutely essential for your assignment. Secondary references are those which are constitute additional reading.
  • Instead of reading everything, try to concentrate on the key aspects of the text.
  • Write down the main points and save them on your computer for ready reference later on.

3. Assimilation is the key

Nobody is expecting a path-breaking research work befitting of a Nobel Prize. The whole idea behind college assignment is to assimilate what has been taught in the class. Assimilation is the key. Teachers want to see whether the student has really been able to understand what has been taught in the class and whether he is able to put down in a coherent fashion in a written format. But how to assimilate? Do keep in mind few words of advice:

  • Always take copious notes while attending lectures
  • Review them periodically at your free time
  • If you have any confusion, do not hesitate to ask the teacher. He or she will appreciate your enthusiasm
  • Before writing, make a list of the points which you think are important
  • Cross examine your class notes with the reference notes which you have prepared while going through the reference work
  • Once you are done, you will be able to prepare a rough draft for the assignment.

4. Talk to others

Talk to your professors, seniors, peers, friends and others in order to clear all the doubts which you might be fostering. As you brainstorm; you detangle the conceptual knots. Ideas start taking shape and all the small doubts in the deepest recesses of your mind start clearing away. You would be able to focus much better and come up with a good assignment. Some of the major benefits of intellectual brainstorming can be narrated as follows:

  • Your analytical skills are sharpened
  • You would be able to clear all the niggling doubts
  • Raising issues and having a frank discussion on them might give you fresh ideas which you can profitably use in your assignment
  • Finally, it sharpens your debating skills as well. You would be able to form and express independent opinions on any issue under the sun.

5. Write as you please

This does mean that you fill up the pages with gibberish statements. It means that you need not follow a linear pattern while writing your assignment. Many students write latter parts of college essay first rather than introduction. This has several potential benefits:

  • Writing the main body gives you the basic points that you are going to highlight. This helps to formulate your central argument much better.
  • Writing a rough draft on the other hand will help you delete and omit all the unnecessary points.
  • Alternatively, you can start at the end and move towards the beginning. Why not? Your conclusion might be the most important part of your assignment. It will help you to be precise about your introduction
  • You have the marvels of technology. MS Word gives you the opportunity to write and rewrite; delete and omit, change and add, as you please.

6. Check and recheck

Have you included all the points? Are there any glaring omissions? Can the copy be improved? Checking, proofreading and copy-editing assignment give you the opportunity to get rid of all the mistakes and errors. These are not small omissions. Small mistakes can cost you heavy. Some of the most common errors are:

  • Getting the names of the authors mixed up
  • Confusing between different styles of referencing
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Structural errors etc.

7. Submit on time:

No matter how well you write, you would not be getting any grade if the assignment is not submitted on time. Late submission can result in loss of grade points. Your college professor might even refuse to accept the assignment and give you an ‘E’ grade. E means excluded. It adds nothing to your final C.G.P.A. This happened to a close friend of mine. She did turn in a wonderfully written assignment; but a week late. Obviously, she was marked ‘E’. Our advice would be: Better turn in a mediocre assignment on time rather than a perfectly written assignment late. There are secrets to avoid procrastination:

  • Prepare a timetable. Stick to it (refer to our first point)
  • Always save a reminder about your submission on your Smartphone
  • Tell your friends and family to give you intermittent reminders.

8. Follow an easy writing style

Remember that you are writing a college assignment and not competing for the Pulitzer Prize. Writing should be simple not simplistic. That is to say, your writing should not be difficult but should not be amateurish either. Do keep in mind the following suggestions while writing your assignments:

  • Choose your words carefully. Do not bombard your teacher with complex words which make no sense
  • Try to proofread and edit your assignment before submitting so as to remove all your errors
  • Try following the writing style of seniors and friends who are known for their language skills
  • Divide your thoughts into separate paragraphs. Do not cram your sentences with information.

9. Do a thorough research

Keep your language simple but your research rich. Your teacher expects you to go through all the reference material and come up with a paper that is high on research work. Not only will you be able to impress the teacher with your hard work; you would also be able to improve on your known intellectual level. But how to do it? Here is a list of things you might want to try out:

  • Try to have a look at all the reference materials. Divide them into primary and secondary works as we have discussed before.
  • Your primary references should be consulted thoroughly.
  • Go easy on the secondary works.
  • Try to be thoroughly updated on your information. This advice is especially directed towards all the science and management students. What is relevant today can be rejected tomorrow due to a new revelation. Better safe than sorry.
  • Use the internet apart from traditional sources of information such as the university library.
  • Finally don’t be shy to try out online assignment help services. They have hundreds of subject experts, trained and certified to provide you with any help you need. MyAssignmenthelp.com is one such academic assignment help service provider which provides fast and effective help to higher academic students.

10. Get feedback

Once you have submitted your research, you should not relax unlike your classmates. Instead contact the concerned teacher for feedback. He or she will see that you are enthusiastic about your work and will try to take you seriously. Discuss the following things with your professor?

  • What are the problematic areas?
  • Where are the areas in which you need improvement?
  • Are there any parts of the assignments which could have been done differently?
  • However, try not to compare your assignment with those of your classmates. And definitely do not compare your grades. The whole point of learning is the joy that accompanies it not the competition that ensues.

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