10 School Games That Graduates Wish to Play Again

As we grow up, we realize that childhood was the best part of our life. We wish if we could get back those moments and live it again to its fullest. School days may have seemed boring to us that time, but now we feel that it was the best because we shared our lunch boxes and played a lot of games.

School Games You Miss At Your Graduation

When we grow up and enter our colleges, we miss the days we spent playing games at school. Since we are grown up now, it is not possible to play those games at colleges. We feel shy. And, even if we want to play those school games, we find no companion.

So, let us go through 10 such school games that we miss very badly during our graduation days.

1. Heads Down Thumbs Up

This is a good simple game which can be played sitting in the class. Four pupils, chosen by the teacher stand in front while others close their eyes and put their heads down on the desk. Only the thumbs are put up on the desk. The four chosen ones walk silently i.e. tip-toe around the classroom and press the thumbs. When done all four stand in front of the class once again like before. Now the students have to guess who among the four had pressed his/her thumb. The game is great because it involves good psychological tension. There is a silent suspense as to when that sudden pinch will be felt and after that a blind guess to identify the person when the turn comes.

2. Hide and Seek

This is a very common game among school students whether kids or toddlers. Everyone plays it whether in school or at home with friends and parents. The game is best played with more than two persons. One student is selected who closes his eyes and counts while others hide. The aim is to find all the hidden persons. There are many variations to this game.

3. Killer Blink

This game needs careful observation. A student is chosen by the teacher in secret who becomes the killer, and another is chosen to be the detective whom the teacher declares openly. The killer’s purpose is to kill people by blinking at other students without getting detected by the detective. The detective has to identify the killer before all the students are dead.

4. Rope Jump and Double Dutch

This game is common among young girls. It needs speed and skill. Two persons hold a long rope and swing it while the other jumps over it. It becomes more fun when other friends join the jump, and a rhythm is created. Added to it is the Double Dutch where two ropes are used to swing in a certain pattern, and the jumps are synchronized to it. It is more fun when two or more people join the jump. It is fun to jump but there are chances of tripping and falling if the swing of the rope and the jump is not synchronized in time.

5. Red Light, Green Light

This game needs space and can be played indoor as well as outdoor. One person impersonates a traffic light at one corner. The other players stand at the other end. The person impersonating the traffic light faces the group and says “Red Light”. Everyone has to halt at this command. He or she then turns back and says “Green Light”. At this command, the players start to move and try to come close to the traffic light. After this, the traffic light has to turn quickly and say “Red Light”. Again everyone has to freeze. If anyone is spotted moving, he or she has to start again. The person who reaches first to the traffic light will become the next traffic light.

6. Musical Chairs

Another common and easy game is playing musical chairs. The chairs are placed in a circle facing outwards, one less than the total number of players. One person is needed to take care of playing and stopping the music. When the music is playing, the players go along the circle made by the chairs. The point is to occupy a chair when the music stops. So when the music stops the players try to occupy a chair and eventually one stands out because he or she has no chair to sit. The person leaves the game, and one chair is removed. This goes on until there are two persons and one chair. This is where the adrenalin rises in guessing who will win. The game is best played when there are a large number of players.

7. Telephone

This is a funny game. All the players sit in a circle. A chosen person thinks about a phrase or sentence and whispers it to the next person’s ears. That person whispers what he heard to the next person’s ears, and the chain goes on. The last person hears it and speaks out loud. Most of the time it if funny what the last person says because generally the sentence is distorted by the time it reaches the last person.

8. Marbles

This is one game which is still a favorite among school going students. This game is a multiplayer game which means that it requires more than a person to play this game. Playing marbles have a pretty simple rule. All you need is to hit the marbles. The game can be played in two modes ‘friendlies’ or ‘for keeps’. The latter one is more of a serious business because if you miss the hit, you have to give away the marble. Well, it can be placed in a way that the game is a sort of gambling. However, the only relief is that it does not involve money. The stakes are the marbles where you win other’s marbles or you lose your own.

9. Snakes and Ladders

This is another classic game. A board consists of squares with ascending numbers from the bottom and randomly placed ladders and snakes that connect one square with another. The motive is to roll the dice and move according to the points. If a ladder is found, then the student climbs the ladder and takes the connecting square. If the student land on a snakehead, then, unfortunately, he/she has to go down and land on the square that connects with the snake’s tail. It is a simple fun game popped with good tension. Students try to roll the dice hard to score high. The first one to reach the square with the highest number wins the game.

10. Hopscotch

This is one common game that needs flexibility, fitness and balance. The game is played mostly among girls. A grid is cut out, and within it, squares are cut out with numbers marked in them from 1 to 9. The first person throws a stone in the first grid which is marked one. He/she then hops from one square to another following the grid pattern with one foot and places both the feet wherever required till he/she reaches the end. After reaching, he/she has to take a turn and follow the same square patterns back to square two. He/she has to balance on one foot, bend over and pick up the rock from square one, hop on it and start again from square two. The process goes on till the last square. This is the fun part because it is very easy to jump, hop and skip. The tough part is that the person loses if the stone does not land on the designated square, lands on the square lines or lands out. He/she is also disqualified if while hopping balance is lost and both feet touches the ground.

These are some of the common games that are played in school. But after we graduate, we do not play them anymore as we either find them funny or embarrassing. But all said and done, we all miss those games and long to play them again.

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